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World of Warcraft Leveling and Loremaster Guide by Zygor Guides


The Leveling and Loremaster Guide will help you reach level 100 or even earn the Loremaster achievement in record speeds through its unique step-by-step approach.



The Loremaster. To some people it won’t mean a thing, to the World of Warcraft enthusiast it’s the absolute pinnacle of the game.

Unfortunately, as we all know, obtaining this coveted achievement appears nigh-on-impossible. This is where the Leveling and Loremaster Guide comes into play.

This guide will help you reach the Loremaster, as well as instructions on how to complete hundred levels in record speeds, and make you become one of the most astute WoW players around. Here, we’ll review the guide in detail.


Leveling and Loremaster Guide pros

  • The Leveling and Loremaster Guide will tell you exactly, quest-by-quest, how to complete every zone in WoW. The end result is that you will reach level 100 in no time at all, and you will achieve the Loremaster achievement.
  • When we talk about “no time at all”, we’re talking days. In fact, you will reach level 100 in less than four days if you follow all of the advice given to you. That is a proven fact.
  • The days of getting lost and frustrated with the game are over. The Leveling and Loremaster Guide will provide you with the most optimized route for your position, allowing you to reach any location in personal best speeds.
  • It doesn’t matter what zone you find yourself in, the guide covers it all. Whether you are in the Eastern Kingdoms or Draenor – help is at hand.
  • Let’s be honest, this isn’t a small guide. However, gone are the days of finding your way to the most appropriate part – the Leveling and Loremaster Guide will look through your character’s quest history and immediately pinpoint the part of the guide which is most appropriate.
  • If you’re not sure whether the guide will help you or not, you can take advantage of a trial which will help you through the initial 20 levels.
  • The makers of the guide are currently giving away the Garrison Guide along with the purchase of this one. Ultimately, you’ll quickly be able to find out what buildings to create for your character and boost your way to rank 3.
  • On the subject of the makers, Zygor are the best in the business when it comes to WoW guides. They have a huge, loyal community behind them and this is because they know how to provide the best World of Warcraft tuition.


Leveling and Loremaster Guide cons

  1. This isn’t a one-off purchase; you will have to opt for an ongoing subscription. However, by doing this, you can obtain access to the other guides that are in the Zygor collection.
  2. Some gamers may not get the satisfaction by relying on a guide.


How does the Leveling and Loremaster Guide work?

The Leveling and Loremaster Guide works as a lead. It will sit beside you, quest by quest, telling you exactly where to go, who to talk to and how to complete all of the required objectives.

The makers are able to scrutinize your position in the game, and calculate the quickest way in which you can reach level 100. It’s literally a step-by-step guide – it couldn’t get any more straightforward.

The basis of the guide is to pretty much hold your hand as you play. The prime example comes with the Smart Injection System – the system whereby Zygor can calculate your place in the game and direct you to best place in the guide for you to start.

Such an automated approach is exactly what makes the Leveling and Loremaster Guide tick and help you become so successful within the game.


Will the Leveling and Loremaster Guide work for you?

With Zygor so established in the WoW niche, it goes without saying that this is a guide that does work. The fact that the makers have used a monthly billing method is also significant; after all, if it didn’t work other users simply wouldn’t renew.

As long as you play as per the guide dictates, the Leveling and Loremaster Guide will work for you.


Is the Leveling and Loremaster Guide suitable for you?

If you’re the type of gamer who likes to work things out for yourself and doesn’t tend to get frustrated by waiting to sail through levels, we’d argue that the Leveling and Loremaster Guide isn’t for you.

On the flip side, if you’re desperate to join those other users who have tasted so much success with World of Warcraft, this could be something which works really well for you.

The way in which the Leveling and Loremaster Guide means that it’s almost impossible not to progress at a rapid pace and as such, it’s ideal for those of you who want those coveted achievements and that lofty reputation in the game.


Price and where to buy

It currently costs $7.99 to use the Leveling and Loremaster Guide for one month. Unsurprisingly, slight discounts are available if you purchase for longer periods.

For example, a six month package is priced at $45.99, while one year is $85.99. All of these packages provide you with access to all twelve of the Zygor guides.

This price is available from the official website of the guides, over at

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Details & Specs
  • Purchasing this guide provides you with a Zygor Elite Membership. This provides all twelve of the Zygor guides including the Dungeon and Gear Guide, Dailies and Reputations Guide, Gold and Professions Guide, Pets and Mounts Guide and Titles and Achievements Guide.
  • Upon registering for the guide, you will be granted instant access.
  • You can cancel your membership at any given time. There are no long-term contracts.
  • The Leveling and Loremaster Guide contains 1-13 starter zone guides for the game races.
  • You will be provided with guides tailored to your requirements. One will allow you to complete in quick speeds, while the other can be followed for storyline completion.