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W Hamond Tanzanite Earrings – Brilliant Cut White Gold


These W Hammond Tanzanite earrings take advantage of one of the rarest and most precious stones in the world; combining tanzanite with white gold to create a piece of jewelry that will just ooze sophistication and allow you to take center stage.



When it comes to earrings, all most of us are bothered about is gold, silver and diamonds. Therefore, when we read about tanzanite earrings, we weren’t overly moved.

However, after researching the mineral intently, we soon found that this could actually replace the “traditional materials” due to its rarity.

Here, we take a look at W Hamond, a company who manufacturers earrings of this type, in more detail.


W Hamond Tanzanite Earring Brilliant Cut White Gold Pros

  • Forget diamonds – tanzanite is the new kid on the block. It’s especially rare, found only in one place in the world, and this means that earrings made from this mineral only belong on the ears of women who truly deserve them.
  • For those of you who do like a touch of the traditional, the earrings still contain white gold. To be precise, they are constructed of 18k white gold – which again just shows how they ooze sophistication. These are for ladies who want to steal the show.
  • The combination of white gold and blue tanzanite doesn’t just create a high-end product, it creates something that just looks gorgeous on the eye as well. The two materials and colors complement each other perfectly – your ears will stand out for all the right reasons.
  • To top the product off, it arrives in a luxurious black, ribbon-tied box. It’s the perfect way to give a pair of premium earrings to your loved one.
  • W Hamond have one of the finest reputations in the jewelry trade. They’ve been around for over 150 years and as anyone will tell you, such history doesn’t come without them delivering an incredibly high service to their customers.


W Hamond Tanzanite Earring Cons

  1. As you may have gathered, W Hamond tanzanite earrings are not a budget product. They are constructed from both tanzanite and white gold meaning that you should be prepared to spend significantly on this premium jewelry.
  2. Although tanzanite has a terrific reputation, not everyone knows about it. In other words, if you are looking to catch attention, some people might not be educated on the value of the material.


What is Tanzanite?

The story behind tanzanite itself is enough for most people to make the switch from diamonds. It is something that was discovered in the Mererani Hills in Northern Tanzania back in 1967.

To this day, it can still only be sought from this exact location.

In fact, the Tanzanian government are extremely strict on just how this mineral is mined. They auction off various segments of the mine, with some being sold to companies for tens of millions of dollars.

Additionally, no tanzanite can leave the country without being processed. It means that there is a lot of culture behind the mineral, which just adds to its charm.

Something else which undoubtedly contributes to this is the way it changes color. While diamonds might sparkle, tanzanite can appear anything from violet, burgundy to sapphire blue depending on how it is held.

In relation to the earrings, it just adds to the overall flair.


Who Are W Hamond Tanzanite Earrings Brilliant Cut White Gold Suitable For?

If you are a woman who likes to go against the norm, whilst still retain a high degree of sophistication, the tanzanite earrings Brilliant Cut White Gold by W Hamond could be an ideal piece of jewelry for you.

They are not for every person; some people will swear by diamonds and nothing else will suffice. However, tanzanite adds a different dimension to jewelry and brings out a different shade.

While diamonds can be cut in different shapes, they generally keep the same color. Tanzanite represents more of a gemstone meanwhile, meaning that you can add a bit of flair to your jewelry without sacrificing style and quality.


Price and Where to Buy

As you have probably already gathered, the W Hamond tanzanite earrings are most certainly a premium product, reserved only for those women who really want to make an impression.

For the above reason, the price is far from budget. It will cost you $1,794 to buy a pair of the earrings although considering the limited supplies of tanzanite, some would suggest that this represents good value for money.

You can buy the product and see the entire W hamond selection by visiting their official website at

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Details & Specs
  • The product arrives in a small black box, with a ribbon neatly tied in a bow around the top.
  • The earrings themselves are of white gold, with the tanzanite stone being at the tip of them.
  • The product contains two Tivon tanzanite stud earrings.
  • The earrings contain 18k white gold as well as brilliant cut tanzanite stone of 1.7ct.