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Video Surgeon

Video surgeon allows you to analyze your own performance in a sporting, musical or personal sense. Slow down, loop, zoom, freeze, edit, export and download your videos to improve your performance.



Video analysis used to be something reserved for professionals. Now, it’s coming to a computer screen near you.

Video Surgeon is the latest piece of software that allows you to bring video analysis to your own home, with the system having all the advanced features that were once impossibly expensive to have.

We’ll now take a look at the product in full detail to see if it is something that could help you.


Video Surgeon Pros

  • Most successful people are good at what they do because of practice. Unfortunately, it’s easy to practice the wrong things. With Video Surgeon these worries are eradicated; you can review footage of your own performance and analyze your faults and positive aspects instantly.
  • Video analysis is big business; just ask the professional golf or tennis players. These are athletes that use it on a daily basis, just to iron out any faults they may have developed and to perfect their technique.
  • Don’t be mistaken into thinking that it’s just athletes that can benefit from Video Surgeon though. Musicians and dancers are just two other examples of many.
  • The software allows you to slow down, zoom and freeze to pinpoint the specifics of your performance.
  • You’ll also be able to edit and export your video to create the perfect masterpiece.
  • The product arrives with a generous 90-day money-back guarantee. It means that you can purchase Video Surgeon without any risk to your pocket whatsoever.
  • The company behind Video Surgeon, Todd, Michael & James, are hugely respected and can be trusted. They are part of the Better Business Bureau’s Online Assurance Program for good reason – they are a brand who are reputable and reliable.


Video Surgeon Cons

  • If you have an older version of the product, you will still have to pay to upgrade to the latest version.
  • The product is delivered digitally; there is an additional charge if you wish to acquire the software on a CD.


What Features Does Video Surgeon Have?

Considering the fact that Video Surgeon is primarily targeted at amateurs, the amount of features that it has is bordering on staggering. As said previously, there was once a time where video analysis was only open to the professionals – for the simple reason that “normal” people could not afford the advanced features that these pieces of software contained.

Now, the landscape is changing. Video Surgeon provides the following functionality:

Speed Changes: From an analysis point of view, this is arguably the most important feature. It’s possible to change the speed of the video between 25% and 200% of the original, allowing you to find out the exact mechanics of your performance.

Audio Video Synchronization: Regardless of how much you alter the speed of the video, Video Surgeon has impeccable audio video synchronization that means the days of ‘audio lagging’ are long gone.

Zooming: Also great from an analysis perspective, the zoom feature allows you to zoom-in as much as 32X.

Looping: You can select portions of a video to continuously loop. Through the use of repetition, this can allow you to dissect it into your brain and again understand the fine-details of your performance.

Freezing: The software allows you to freeze frames and again analyze them much more efficiently.

Editing: As well as all of the analytical features, you can perform basic editing tasks such as cutting, changing the volume or just moving segments of a video around in a sequence. It allows you to create the perfect analysis video.


Who Is Video Surgeon Appropriate For?

Video Surgeon is specifically targeted at those people who wish to improve their performance.

Whether it is from a sporting, musical, dance or any other sense – the software makes it possible to delve into the finer details of performance and quickly find out how to improve.

Of course, it is only going to be worthwhile if you have the desire to improve.

While the easy-to-use interface certainly makes analysis very straightforward, you have to have the willpower to dissect your performance if you are looking to extract the most amount of value out of the product.


Pricing and Where to Buy

The current version of Video Surgeon is available for $109.95, with this the price for both the PC and Mac. If you hold a copy of an old version, you can upgrade to the current version for $77.96.

This pricing package includes licenses for three machines. Additional licenses are sold in blocks of two and five, at $20 and $50 respectively.

It is also possible to obtain training for the software for $30, while there is a one year support plan available for $14.95.

All of these prices are in reference to the official website of Video Surgeon, at

Details and Specs

  • Video Surgeon is delivered digitally.
  • All intra-version updates are provided free of charge. This means that if a version improves from to, the user does not pay any additional fees.
  • Any major version updates are subject to a fee, although existing customers receive discounts of 25-35%.
  • It’s possible to pay for the software via credit card, Paypal or mail.
  • It’s possible to try the software out courtesy of a four hour demo.