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The Beast Duffel Bag by Saddleback Leather


The Beast Duffel Bag is a bag comprised of four large pieces of full-grain leather, measuring approximately 1.5 times bigger than a standard suitcase.



When a man becomes successful, he travels in style. That’s certainly the case with the Beast Duffel Bag, with this product carrying the style, charm and everything else that the modern-day man needs to transport his belongings.

If you’re looking to satisfy the above description, it’s time to read on.


The Beast Duffel Bag pros

  • The Beast Duffel Bag is the bag of choice for those of you who want to look the part whilst traveling. Made out of four pieces of full-grain leather (which almost resembles a full cow), it’s the definition of style, luxury and any other similar superlative.
  • It doesn’t just look great on the eye, it also serves a real purpose. It can hold about 1.5 times the amount of a “standard suitcase”, even though on first glance it doesn’t appear gigantic on the eye.
  • On the subject of practicality, you can throw the Beast Duffel Bag over your shoulder, use it as a backpack or just carry it by hand. It’s completely versatile.
  • Don’t worry about breaking anything here, the Beast Duffel Bag doesn’t contain any irritating small parts, wheels, zips or anything else that is usually susceptible to breaking.
  • Don’t just take the spec for it; the Beast Duffel Bag has some tremendous feedback from other men who have purchased it. They can’t get enough of it; the reviews prove that this bag just oozes style and will fit the modern-day man like you down to a tee.
  • The product’s success really shouldn’t come as a surprise when you see who has put it together. Saddleback Leather are a favorite amongst those who appreciate quality. The owner of the company is known for his enthusiasm for his products, and the fact he embeds a 100-year-warranty with each and every one says everything you need to know about the quality.


The Beast Duffel Bag cons

  1. Made from such sturdy materials, if you happen to be smaller than 5’9″ you might struggle to carry the bag normally when full.
  2. While it’s possible to purchase the bag in different colors, the natural oils means that each bag will be different and you won’t be able to guarantee the exact shade that you receive.
  3. In comparison to most duffel bags on the market, this product is slightly more expensive due to the premium leather which is used.


What is unique about the Beast Duffel Bag?

It would be fair to say that the quality of the Beast Duffel Bag is what sets it apart from most duffel bags. When you consider that the leather constitutes almost a whole cow, it suggests just how much of a premium product it really is.

Of course, Saddleback Leather haven’t just gathered as much leather together and put it together in any old shape. It has been smartly designed as well, with the bag benefiting from two large internal pockets which can both have significant space.

When we talk about this “significant space”, the bag is about 1.5 times bigger than a normal suitcase. It’s rare that such a large product will rely on such vast quantities of premium leather.


Is the Beast Duffel Bag suitable for you?

Considering the premium nature of the Beast Duffel Bag, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be mainly suitable for the man who is looking to make a statement, travel in style or just to impress. It immediately has that wow-factor and if you like to garner such attention, the product could be worth considering.

Of course, it’s not all about style. The size means that it’s ideal for anyone who tends to need a large space to carry items, while the straps again aid with the transportation-factor and make it ideal for the keen traveler.


Price and where to buy

As you would expect from a product made from such a premium material, the Beast Duffel Bag is priced higher than most duffel bags on the market and retails for $907.

This is the price shown on the official website of the product, over at

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Details & Specs
  • The Beast Duffel Bag arrives in four colors; tobacco, dark coffee brown, chestnut or black.
  • The size for all colors remains the same, with the exterior measuring 33 3/4” W x 13 3/4” H x 15” D, while the interior (top to bottom) is33” W x 13 3/4” H x 9 3/4-13 1/2” D.
  • However, the weight for the Beast Duffel Bag varies depending on the color you select. The carbon and tobacco bags weigh in at 12.5 pounds, while the chestnut and dark coffee brown ones are 11.9 pounds.
  • The product can be carried in numerous ways; either as a handheld, over your shoulder or as a regular backpack. All of the straps are fully adjustable.
  • The bag benefits from two interior pockets which are situated on each end.
  • The product arrives with a 100-year warranty as long as your purchase is used responsibly.