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Tall Men Shoes – Dress Formal

TallMensShoes provide formal shoes with a heightened insole, allowing you to appear up to four inches taller in height. This comes at no detriment to the style, with all shoes constructed out of genuine leather.



They say that size doesn’t matter but let’s be honest, it really does. We’re not talking about anything untoward here either; we’re merely focusing on the height of a man.

Whether it’s for an interview, socialization or just for added confidence – few people would disagree that taller men just look that little bit more convincing.

While women may have heels to rescue their height, nothing has really existed along these lines for males – until now. Here, we review TallMensShoes, and look at their products which can add those necessary inches that can make the difference in your life.


TallMensShoes Dress Formal Pros

  • TallMensShoes provide footwear for men who want to add a little bit of height to their appearance. Their products don’t look anything out of the ordinary, but are designed to make men stand a little taller. In other words, nobody will notice the difference on your feet – just in your height.
  • The importance of standing taller should not be underestimated. After all, a study has found that not only are short men less likely to marry, but childless men were on average 1.2 inches shorter than men who had at least one child.
  • It’s not all about romance though. In the business world, male dominance is something that is often spoken about and if you can stand head-to-head with your rivals, you have an even better chance of thrashing out that latest deal.
  • You won’t be sacrificing any style with the TallMensShoes products. All of their formal offerings look identical to normal business attire and are constructed out of the highest quality leather. Again, the only difference people will notice will be with your height.
  • To put the height gains into perspective, some men will be able to benefit to the tune of four inches by selecting certain products which are part of the catalogue.
  • The company behind TallMensShoes are hugely established and with a real customer support team and next day delivery available, they can certainly be trusted.


TallMensShoes Formal Dress Cons

  1. As this is an online retailer, it’s not possible to try the shoes on before you buy.
  2. If you have unusually-sized feet you may have difficulty in finding a pair. The company only tends to stock the standard sizes, ranging from 6-12.


How Does Elevator Shoe Works?

The way in which the TallMensShoes collection adds height to your appearance is through the leather insoles.

Even though these are hidden, they are raised slightly so they can add up to four inches depending on the model you select. Additionally, there’s no sacrificing comfort here, with the insoles also designed to absorb impact and cushion your feet appropriately.

The rest of the shoe is designed to accommodate these insoles as well. For example, the mid-insoles are included to not just aerate the shoe, but also protect the main insole from deteriorating.

To top things off, the product has the outer-soles – which can be noticed by everyone. Without these, it might be uncomfortable to wear the shoes as the foot would be positioned at an awkward angle.

Again, nobody can tell the difference with these outer-soles, although some people just like to use an ordinary heel which is possible as well.


Will It Work For You?

If you are a man who happens to be on the short side, there’s no doubt that the TallMensShoes collection could work wonders for you.

There are no “ifs or maybes” with this collection, it is guaranteed to add inches onto your overall height.

If you’ve ever felt dominated in a meeting, or just want to seem on an even height with everyone else you come into contact with, this is something that could aid you substantially.

From a dating perspective, if you happen to wear formal footwear, the results can be incredible as well. After all, what woman likes to crouch down to a shorter man?


Prices and Where to Buy

The TallMensShoes formal range currently includes three brands:

Calden  This is the smallest range of the catalogue, with prices tending to be between $58 and $178.

Calto  The Calto Range happens to be the most extensive on the site and prices are slightly lower as well. For example, the cheapest Calto product available is $48, while the most expensive is priced at $128.

Toto  The most expensive range that TallMensShoes sell comes in the form of the Toto collection. Most of the products here are designed in a shiny leather style, with prices ranging between $68 and $268.

All of the above prices are in reference to and on reflection, they are all in keeping with the normal cost that a man would expect to pay for a pair of formal shoes.

In other words, considering the ‘heightened’ benefit, the prices are extremely competitive.


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Details and Specs
  • The shoe sizes for the different brands on the website are need to be converted appropriately prior to purchase.
  • Once shoes are purchased, the height increase level cannot be changed.
  • Orders made by 1.00pm (PST) are shipped on the same business day.
  • All packages are sent discreetly and are wrapped in brown paper. Additionally, the packaging will state that it is arriving from "Asia Focus Inc.".
  • Any shoes that are unsuitable can be returned in an un-worn condition within 30 days of the date of receipt.