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Tacx Booster Cycletrainer by Trisports


The Tacx Booster Cycletrainer is used by professional riders and teams to provide the ultimate solution for training and warm-ups. It has ten different settings and a maximum resistance of 1050 Watts.



Once upon a time, the gap between us and the pros was enormous. Now, amateur and elite cyclists can almost train hand-in-hand, with much of the training equipment readily available to all.

If you’re looking to train for an event in the comfort of your own facilities, or just warm up before heading out, the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer might be right up your street. Here is what we found out when we reviewed the product in detail.


Tacx Booster Cycletrainer pros

  • The Tacx Booster Cycletrainer will give you one of the most realistic cycling experiences you’ll ever have. With a maximum resistance of 1050 Watts or more, speed is not an issue here and you can train at peak intensity.
  • Prepare yourself for absolutely any situation, with the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer arriving with ten different settings that can be selected with the click of a lever.
  • Unlike some models, you don’t have to worry about your front wheel here. The product arrives with front wheel support, meaning that everything is kept in place while you train.
  • Don’t worry about the device being too hot to handle. Even after an intense workout, the product has been designed so your bike can be removed without any burnt fingers occurring due to the overworked parts.
  • At the 2012 Olympic Games, this product was the official leading warm-up trainer. In other words, it’s used all around the globe, by the best in the business.
  • We’re going to assume you know all about Tacx – they’re something of a household name when it comes to cycling. They’ve been around for years and the fact that they sponsor countless pros and teams just enhances their reputation. If it works for the professionals, it will certainly be good enough for you.


Tacx Booster Cycletrainer cons

  1. It might be effective, but this is regarded as one of the nosier products of its kind on the market. In other words, you might need to find a new training area – away from other people!
  2. As it doesn’t provide any direct feedback to your training, some might suggest that the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer is on the pricy side.


Is the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer suitable for you?

Let’s be honest, this is a device which is primarily aimed at those of you who like to train – and train hard. If you’re just used to gentle routes every couple of weeks, you should probably keep your money in your pocket.

Instead, the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer has been made for keen cyclists who want to constantly train, regardless of the weather conditions, while also warm up for events in the proper way.

Therefore, if you are looking to make the next step and be able to train at any point of the day, the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer could be suited to you.


What is unique about the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer?

It would be fair to say that the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer holds a degree of versatility when compared to other training devices.

The fact there are ten different settings is significant and rare, allowing you to train in ten different environments. Furthermore, we were impressed with the ability to flick between settings with a lever on your handlebar.

We’ve spoken about the speed of this device before and holding a maximum resistance of 1050 Watts, it’s again clear that it will comfortably cope with most cyclists out there.

In fact, with various professional riders using the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer before events, it’s pretty clear that it’s been built to deal with as much power as what’s thrown at it.

We should also point out that even though the product is regularly used by professionals, it still seems to be one of the easiest to put together.

It doesn’t take long at all to get your bike into position and again, there won’t be any burnt fingers whilst dismantling due to the smart way in which the parts are put together.


Price and where to buy

The Tacx Booster Cycletrainer is most definitely a premium product and this is reflected with the price tag.

It currently retails at $349.99 from

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Details & Specs
  • The Tacx Booster Cycletrainer is a training device that is black and blue.
  • It takes advantage of a magnetic resistance unit which boasts a maximum resistance of 1050 Watts.
  • There are ten different settings which can be utilized with the device, with each of these being selected by the levers on the handlebars.
  • The product includes a Skyliner front wheel support.
  • It has a mass inertia of 9.18kg.
  • The shipping weight of the Tacx Booster Cycletrainer is 24 lbs.