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Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat by Gobuu


The Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat is a formal coat, made from cotton blends, that arrives in a stylish light blue shade.



Most of the time, looking formal is just boring. Not only that, it’s expensive-boring. This is a clothing type which is dominated by dark and lackluster shades, which just don’t bring any exuberance to the table.

Therefore, the Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat certainly makes a difference. It’s remarkably cheap to purchase, whilst boats a light blue color which will make you the talk of the party for all the right reasons.

Here, we’ll take a look at the coat in detail.


Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat pros

  • The Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat is made from light blue cotton blends and just oozes sophistication, despite the price being incredibly low.
  • Button it up, leave it open – the choice is yours. Despite the low price, there is plenty of versatility here and you can wear it however your style and personality dictates.
  • Additionally, it will work with pretty much any trousers. Whether it’s jeans or formal trousers, that versatility is again clear to see with the Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat.
  • Unlike some formal coats, there is pocket space. It again gives you another option to carry that important document, or anything else which you want to keep out of your hands and carry conveniently.
  • There shouldn’t be any worries when it comes to the company who have brought this to market. have been around for eight years and in simple terms, they just know what they’re doing in the men’s fashion industry.


Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat cons

  1. With any type of clothing, it always helps to try on a garment to see if it suits your body. As the Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat is only available online, this is difficult to do.
  2. The coat looks premium to the untrained eye, but it is still a budget product and uses cheaper materials.


Is the Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat suitable for you?

The Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat is designed for those of you who want to make a striking impression, without spending an absolute fortune.

Made from a cotton blend, to the naked eye this coat really does look quite the special garment. It’s almost like a jacket and the fact it arrives in a sky blue means that you will stand out, for the right reasons, and seem like you have invested properly in your appearance.

Of course, while this product is marketed as a coat, it’s probably not going to suffice for those cold winter months. Instead, it’s for milder climates, where you need to show off your very best formal self without worrying about the chill.


What is unique about the Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat?

There’s a reason formal coats are generally expensive; they’re usually needed for those occasions where you have to look your absolute best.

Whether it’s for the office, or something more extravagant such as wedding – usually you have to invest significant amounts to nail that image down to a tee.

This is what makes the Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat so much different. This coat is able to pull off the formal appearance, whilst barely making a dent in your pocket.

Ultimately, this is what separates it from other coats of a similar ilk, which might look stylish but are just unaffordable for most of us.


Price and where to buy

A lot of this review has mentioned the price and at $12.60, there’s no doubt that we’re quite justified to harp on about it.

This price is available from

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Details & Specs
  • The Sky Blue Cotton Blends Coat is a formal coat which has been manufactured from cotton blend.
  • The product arrives without any accessories
  • The coat is available in four different sizes; M, L, XL and XXL.
  • M has an across shoulder measurement of 40cm, 94cm bust, 68cm length and 61cm sleeve length.
  • L has an across shoulder measurement of 41cm, 98cm bust, 70cm length and 62cm sleeve length.
  • XL has an across shoulder measurement of 42cm, 102cm bust, 72cm length and 63cm sleeve length.
  • XXL has an across shoulder measurement of 43cm, 106cm bust, 74cm length and 64cm sleeve length.
  • recommends that the sizes advertised are for guidelines and due to batch differences, you may have to legislate for differences up to 3cm.
  • The shipping weight of the coat is 0.55kg.