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Skooba Cable Stable Combo


The Cable Stable Combo Pack contains two items which are designed to store, organise and protect all of your cables and electronic devices when you travel.



With flights decreasing in cost, it’s no surprise to see that more and more of us are taking to travel.

However, unlike several years ago, we’re now in an era where all of our technology follows us around the world.

This usually means that we’re left with a tangled mess of cables and electronics in our backpack – although the Cable Stable Combo Pack could resolve this. Here, we scrutinise the product in more detail.


Skooba Cable Stable Combo Pack Pros

  • Cable Stable Combo Pack contains two items which are designed to store, organise and protect all of your electrical items. Gone are the days of trying to untangle wires, or worry about your camera being damaged in transit!
  • For years travellers have had to rely on plastic bags to store their cables, with these lacking any sort of segregation which makes finding the appropriate wire an absolute nightmare. Through the smart compartments that Cable Stable has, it’s possible to not only protect your electronic goods through the rigid exterior, but also access cableseasily due to the sheer number of compartments.
  • Virtually any electronic device can be stored. It could be a phone, camera, batteries or USB drives – all of the different pockets allow for the modern variation of electronic devices.
  • These storage packs don’t have to eat into your hand luggage allowance either. For example, the Cable Stable Mini is less than 10″ in length.
  • By purchasing the Combo pack, you will save 15% compared against buying the Mini and DLX versions individually.
  • The company behind the product, Skooba Design, are quickly becoming one of the most established brands in travel. They have been named as one of the Top 100 internet retailers, while they also have the highest rated customer service.


Cable Stable Combo Pack Cons

  1. Some people won’t require both the Mini and DLX versions; it might be more advisable to purchase just one of the items individually.
  2. Only one colour and style is currently available.


How Does Cable Stable Combo Pack Work?

Both of the products that are included in the pack rely on smart compartments that have each been designed to accommodate the most common electronic devices and chargers.

The mesh pockets provide some protection from the rigours of travel, but the main zipped pocket is what really makes the difference.

Both products completely zip up, covering your electronics and protecting them from any damage that could occur.

When you do arrive, the days of untangling cables are gone. The fact that each is tucked away snugly in a separate compartment means that you can conveniently access them and not waste time, and frustration, while trying to find the right cable to fit the right device.

It’s worth mentioning that this is in stark contrast to rival products which may have compartments, but many are designed in a flimsy manner meaning that cables can slip out of place.

With all of the Cable Stable compartments being designed in such sturdy fashion, it means that cables will sit in place securely allowing you to access them as you please.

Each compartment has its own elastic which can be used to tie the cables and this means that even during the most turbulent flight, nothing is going to slip out of place!


Is Cable Stable Combo Pack Suitable For You?

You don’t have to be a frequent traveller for the Cable Stable Combo Pack to be suitable for you; anyone who just travels on the odd occasion can benefit.

The only people who this product isn’t going to be suitable for are those that take very few electronic devices with them away and considering our reliance on mobile phones, cameras, shavers and all of our other holiday essentials, this is a very small percentage of travellers.

Those people that have already got into the habit of organizing their cables will tend to rely on a plastic pouch. Unsurprisingly, if you fall into this category, you can benefit from this product tremendously.

The Cable Stable products offer great protection to all of your electronic devices, but the fact that they organise the cables in such rigid fashion will just make travelling so much easier for you.


What Products Arrive In the Combo Pack?

As the name suggests, two products arrive in the Combo pack:

Cable Stable DLX  This is the larger of the two and this is emphasised through the fifteen compartments that can be used to store varying types of electronic equipment.

It is based on an elastic hold-down grid to quickly provide access to devices, while it also has three additional mesh pockets to hold smaller products.

Cable Stable Mini  It goes without saying that this is a slightly smaller version of the DLX, with the Mini being 9.25″ in length.

It has eleven different compartments, in the exact same style as the Mini, and is targeted at those travellers who tend to just travel with a carry-on bag and need to save as much space as possible.


Cable Stable Combo Price and Where to Buy it

The Cable Stable Combo Pack currently retails for $59.95, which already represents a saving considering the fact that the Mini and DLX are individually priced at $29.95 and $39.95 respectively.

It does mean that it’s something of a high-end product, but as it protects such expensive electronic equipment it has proved popular with travellers.

The product can be purchased online at

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Details & Specs
  • Both products arrive with a black exterior and lime green interior.
  • The exteriors of both products are constructed from Nylon twill, while the interiors are made from scratch free nylon and a cloth lining.
  • The hardware on both is heavy-duty elastic hold-down straps and coil zippers.
  • The Cable Stable Mini has dimensions of 9.25"L x 5.75"W x 1.5"D and a weight of 5.6 oz.
  • The Cable Stable DLX has dimensions of 10.75"L x 8.25"W x 2.25"D and a weight of 12.8 oz.
  • The Cable Stable Mini has a total of eleven compartments, while the DLX has fifteen.
  • While the intended use for the DLX is for electronics, some customers have also used it for low-tech products like toiletries and school supplies.