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Skinade is a one-of-a-kind skincare product; which some people will dub as ‘youthfulness in a bottle’. It’s based on a drink that will replenish your collagen and make your skin smoother, more hydrated and generally younger.



We’re in an era where looking youthful is absolutely paramount to social acceptance. It’s the key to confidence, attraction – and just generally all the positive emotions that occur on a day-to-day basis.

Unfortunately, with day-to-day life rigors also intensifying, staying younger is so much harder than it once was.

Therefore, when we came across a liquid-based product that aimed to bring youthfulness back to your skin, we were captivated. Here’s what we thought of Skinade when we reviewed it in detail.

skinade collagen drink


Skinade Pros

  • Skinade isn’t like most skin products; it works from the inside out. It will rebuild your collagen so you will have softer, smoother and more hydrated skin. There will be less wrinkles and you’ll have just rolled back the years.
  • There’s no complicated consumption method here; you don’t even have to mess about with pills. Skinade arrives in liquid form, meaning that you simply consume it like a standard drink.
  • Something else which adds to the product’s repertoire is the clinical backing. For example, one trial showed how Skinade boosted skin hydration levels by 28%, as well as smoothing fine lines by 26%. It means that effectively, your skin will look over a quarter younger than it really is!
  • As well as taking advantage of science, Skinade is backed by some of the most well-known celebrities around. Think Anthea Turner, think Mille Mackintosh – personalities who NEED to look young for their profession, and do it extraordinary well.
  • This isn’t a product which is going to take an age to work; most consumers see results after just four days. In other words, you’ll look younger in less than a week.
  • Skinade doesn’t just have celebrity endorsements; the press love it as well. It means that the product is incredibly well-regarded and the manufacturers can be completely trusted.


Skinade Cons

  1. There’s no doubt that Skinade is a premium product and its price reflects this. It costs significantly more than most other skincare products.
  2. Skincare cannot be used by anyone under the age of 18.


How Does It Work?

As you’ve probably already realized, Skinade is different to most skincare products in the way that it is consumed. As it is in liquid form, and consumed as a drink, the substance is absorbed by the body at much faster rates.

Specifically, almost 90% of collagen is absorbed by the body and if you were to instead consume a similar product in tablet form, this figure would be closer to 30%.

Better skin with skinade

In terms of the specific ingredients, there’s no doubt that marine collagen is one of the most prominent. This is one of the reasons why Skinade is such a premium product, as marine collagen is so difficult to obtain.

It is always sought from fresh-water fish to guard against contamination and its task is to replenish your existing collagen so you experience all of the effects that have so far been discussed.

MSM – is another important component and for those of you who suffer with wrinkles, it’s even more so. It makes the skin a little more elastic, making it easier for the collagen cells to link and ultimately disguise the wrinkles.

Vitamin B and C – are also included, with the former giving your skin that golden glow we all crave while Vitamin C is there to provide additional protection and prevent future skin-related problems.


Is Skinade Suitable For You?

While the celebrity and media endorsements certainly paint Skinade in an exceptionally positive light, there are further indications that this product will be successful for anyone who wants youthfulness to return to their skin again.

We touched upon the scientific studies earlier on in the review, but let’s take a look at them in further detail here.

The main test was conducted on a group of eighty women; with some being given a group of collagen peptides (which are contained in Skinade) and others given a placebo. Through these tests, it was found that the “collagen peptide group” always prevailed. After eight weeks,

91% of the group had reported up to a 28% increase in skin hydration compared to the placebo group. It was also found how this group had reduced wrinkles by 26% after just eight weeks – showing how Skinade has been proven to make you look younger via so many ways.

skinade reviews


Price and Where to Buy

Skinade is a product which is only really targeted at those of you who wish to invest heavily in your skin and reap the rewards through it. This is emphasized in the price tag, with a 30-day course being available for £90.

For those of you who take to the road frequently, it’s possible to buy travel packages. These contain the same quantities of Skinade, but arrive in sachets to make consumption much easier. These tend to only be slightly more expensive than the standard versions, with the 30-day travel course costing £99.

All of these prices are in relation to the official website of Skinade, over at

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Details & Specs
  • A one month supply of Skinade arrives in the form of thirty bottles, with each containing 150ml of the substance.
  • The bottles are white and have basic details etched in black text. For the travel products, the sachets are designed in identical fashion but contain 15ml.
  • Skinade contains water, hydrolysed marine collagen, concentrated grape juice, methylsulphonylmethane, citric acid, natural flavourings, calcium ascorbate, Vitamin B complex, B5, B6, B1, B7, B9, B12, L-lysine, potassium sorbate, organic flax seed oil, sucralose.
  • Both versions of the product contain less than 35 calories.
  • Skinade is suitable for vegetarians but should not be consumed by vegans.
  • While Skinade is believed to be safe for any pregnant woman or anyone taking oral contraceptives, it is always advisable to seek advice from a doctor.
  • The product does not have to be stored in the fridge, although most people prefer it to taste chilled.