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Pure Pet Food Complete Recipes

Pure Pet Food is dehydrated dog food that can improve your dog’s skin, energy levels, body weight, digestion and general well-being using completely natural ingredients.



Gone are the days when pet owners purchase the cheapest dog food brand from the supermarkets – our pets are worth so much more than that now.

In fact, the development of dehydrated dog food has brought the topic to the forefront of a lot of owner’s minds, with this food carrying countless benefits for our canine friends.

Here, we take a look at one of the market leaders in more detail, as we review Pure Pet Food.


Pure Pet Food Recipes Pros

  • Pure Pet Food is based on providing your dog with a dehydrated food diet, which allows all nutrients and goodness to be “locked into” the food and ultimately preserved. Your dog is suddenly subject to a much nutrient-richer diet.
  • The product basks in studies that prove how beneficial it can be to your dog’s health. For example, it’s been found that 74% of dogs using the product had improved well-being and energy levels, while 43% were able to reduce the number of medications that they were on.
  • Pure Pet Food is made in a human grade food facility, meaning that your dog is subject to the same high standards that we are on a day-to-day basis. In other words, it’s further evidence that his health is just going to be benefited tenfold.
  • Pure Pet Food has a shelf life for twelve months, meaning that wastage is well and truly a thing of the past.
  • The product is released in umpteen varieties and flavours, including turkey, chicken, duck and even treats. Ultimately, even for the fussy dog, there will be something to keep him happy.
  • Numerous vets have endorsed Pure Pet Food, including Brendan Clarke from Towerwood Vet Group. As such, the industry experts know that this product is beneficial for your pet.
  • Pure Pet Food happen to be the market leader in their field in the UK. In an industry which is fiercely competitive like dog food, this is hugely impressive and shows just how highly they are regarded.


Pure Pet Food Recipes Cons

  1. Pure Pet Food is more expensive than the renowned high-street brands that don most pet owners’ shelves.
  2. It’s only possible to purchase Pure Pet Food from the official store.


How Does It Work?

Pure Pet Food is so beneficial to your pet due to the dehydration process that the manufacturers instigate.

In the case of fruit and vegetables, these are prepared in exactly the same manner that would occur for humans. Then, the moisture is gradually removed, meaning that all of these foods are around four times denser with vitamins and minerals than standard fruit and vegetables would be.

In the case of meat, this is cooked to a low temperature to remove any dangerous pathogens. This is also dehydrated, allowing your dog to consume around 300% more protein than they would normally.

Then, when you rehydrate the food by adding moisture, your dog can enjoy all of the above health benefits but with the added taste and scent.


How Will It Help Your Dog?

As we have already highlighted, Pure Pet Food is full of a lot more nutrients than your typical dog food. However, it may also prevent some common health problems that accompany dry dog food.

For example, a lot of dry dog food particles expand in the dog’s stomach and this can lead to a problem called bloat. In some cases, it hasn’t been unheard of for bloat to transform into gastric torsion, which can sometimes be fatal.

With Pure Pet Food, the food is hydrated upon serving and this eradicates the bloat concerns that occur with other types of food.

In summary, dehydrated dog food has also been statistically proven to aid with a dog’s general health.

The majority of dogs who have been consuming the product have experienced improved digestion, improved skin, fewer ailments and even an improvement in body weight.

As such, there are multiple ways in which your dog is going to benefit from Pure Pet Food.


What Complete Recipes Do They Offer?

An additional benefit to Pure Pet Food is the fact that they offer so many different flavours.

While the pricing structure means that they all have to be classed as high-end pet food, it’s worth mentioning that once water is added to each of the meals the total weight of the food quadruples.

In other words, a 500g box of Pure Pet Food is the equivalent of 2kg of standard pet food – meaning that there is plenty of value within each pack.

In total, the range is comprised of five products:

Turkey Terrific  As well as holding the distinct taste of turkey,

Turkey Terrific is ideal for any adult or senior dog that tends to suffer from allergies and intolerances.

This is because it is low processed and grain free. 500g of the product is priced at £12.99, although further discounts can be obtained if you purchase larger quantities. For example, two 4kg products are priced at £99.99.

Chicken Dinner  As well as obviously being made by chicken, this offering is targeted towards dogs who tend to be more fussy.

It has more moderate levels of protein and is usually consumed by senior dogs and those who carry extra weight. Additionally, it’s slightly cheaper than the previous product, with 500g costing £9.99 while two 4kg products are priced at £79.99.

Duck Delight  This is grain and wheat free, whilst also providing dogs with lots of protein. This means that it’s usually consumed by active, underweight or pregnant dogs.

It costs £12.99 for 500g of the product, or £99.99 for two 4kg packs.

Chicken Delicious  This is somewhat different to Chicken Dinner, with Chicken Delicious being grain free and high in protein.

In other words, it offers the same benefits as Duck Delight, but in a chicken flavour. It costs £10.99 for 500g, while £89.99 for two 4kg packs.

Mixed Recipes  Alternatively, some people might want to buy a mixture for their dog.

Pure Pet Food offers all of their products in different combinations, including Chicken Delicious/Duck Delight, Chicken Delicious/Chicken Dinner and Duck Delight/Chicken Dinner. Prices vary between £79.99 and £94.99, depending on the selected combination.


Where Can You Buy Pure Pet Food?

All of the Pure Pet Food products can be purchased from the official website over at

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Details and Specs
  • Purely Pet Food arrives in dehydrated form. As such, water must be added upon serving to hydrate the food and make it more appealing to the dog.
  • Once water has been added to the food it should be consumed within 48 hours.
  • There is approximately 70-80% of meat content in Pure Pet Food.
  • The average size dog will consume a 2kg bag of Pure Pet Food in approximately 25 days.
  • Purely Pet Food has a shelf life of twelve months.