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Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection

Pro Ears take advantage of smart technology to cancel out all of the annoying and dangerous sounds, whilst allowing important noises to filter through to your ears. They will immediately enhance your safety in your working environment.



There’s a reason there is so much ear protection now available; our ears are hugely susceptible to noises and can become damaged immediately if the adequate precautions are not taken.

Unfortunately, this creates quite the conundrum. How do you protect your ears, whilst still being able to hear “normal” sounds?

It’s the question that has been on the tip of the tongue of those working within law enforcement, shooters and construction workers – but now there could be a solution.

Pro Ears seems to tackle these issues completely, as we review the product over the course of this page.


Pro Ears Pros

  • Whether you take part in shooting, biking, work in law enforcement or construction – Pro Ears can work like a dream for you. It will cut out the unnecessary noise, whilst allowing you to hear everything else. In other words, it keeps you safe and informed.
  • Pro Ears is based on some of the most advanced technology around, in the form of dynamic level sound compression. It will compress all noises over 70 dB to a safe level, whilst amplifying any quieter sounds to 70 dB. It makes everything crystal clear.
  • The product is used by umpteen people around the world, with professional shooters being included in this list. USPSA Ladies Open National Champion, Rebecca T. Jones, is part of this group which just shows how high-end Pro Ears really is.
  • If you are one of the minority who doesn’t like Pro Ears, you can return the product within 30 days and obtain a full refund. There’s no impact on your pocket here.
  • Unsurprisingly, reputation is everything when it comes to dealing with a company who are providing protection for the ears. This is something the manufacturers of Pro Ears have in abundance, with the firm regarded as the No.1 seller of ear protection in the country.


Pro Ears Cons

  1. It could be said that Pro Ears is premium ear protection and this is represented in the price tag.
  2. You won’t be able to “try before you buy”, as it’s only possible to purchase the equipment online.


How Does It Work?

The technology that Pro Ears uses is bordering on the unbelievable. As we’ve already mentioned, it takes advantage of Dynamic Level Sound Compression, which is able to alter the volume of various sounds that passes through the equipment.

For example, if you are operating machinery which is above 70 dB, the technology will immediately cut this volume by at least 50% and to a safe level.

Alternatively, for those sounds which are much lower than 70 dB, the technology will amplify them so it’s easier to hear. It means that you will be able to hear absolutely everything – not just the industrial noises that you are probably used to.

As well as this, advanced filters are attached that will eliminate peripheral noises such as the wind.

All of the above is in contrast to most ear protection equipment. A lot of this equipment will quash all noise in a bid to protect the ears – but in doing this it will compromise your safety as you won’t be able to hear anything else, such as important instructions from colleagues.


Are Pro Ears Suitable for You?

Judging by the feedback from past users of Pro Ears, we’d assume that the product is suitable for most people.

Obviously, if you happen to work within shooting, hunting, construction or anything else which frequently prompts loud noises – then you are an even more of a suitable candidate.

Past users have been extremely complimentary of the equipment though. For example, one person initially bought the ear protection for shooting, although after seeing how effective they were he started to use them for day-to-day tasks such as mowing the lawn!

Again, it’s further evidence that they don’t necessarily have to be bought by those who are always subject to loud noises – the benefits can be experienced by anyone.


Price and Where to Buy

The best-selling product in the Pro Ears range is the gold series. There are a total of 34 products within this range, with most merely differing by color.

For example, it’s possible to purchase anything from the standard black shade, to something more outlandish such as a pink zebra style.

Regardless of the style you select, all products within the gold series are available for $339.99 from the official website at

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Details & Specs
  • Pro Ears are not waterproof and should not be subjected to moisture.
  • All products within the Pro Ears catalogue use an 'N' size battery.
  • The typical Gold Series product will weight 10 oz.
  • Every product within the Gold Series arrives with a five year warranty.