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Phyto 350


Phyto 350 uses renowned science to replace the lipids that we lose as we age and ultimately make us look a lot younger, without the wrinkles and fine lines. Made by one of the biggest supplement brands in the world, it only uses natural ingredients to promote youth without side effects.



We’re in an era where appearance is everything and subsequently, staying young is central to this.

Phyto350 has hit the market with the premise of eradicating wrinkles, fine lines and basically giving you a facelift by taking supplements.

It’s all based on real science, as we delve into the product further through this review.


Phyto 350 Pros

  • Phyto350 has proven popular as it’s based on real science. The product is packed full of phytoceramides, which are able to replace the ceramides we lose as we age, prompting our skin to gradually return to its former youth.
  • The science will eradicate wrinkles, blemishes and allow your skin to maintain moisture. In other words, it just reverses the effects of aging.
  • As well as the science, Phyto350 is backed by considerable publicity. Dr. Oz featured phytoceramides and their terrific effect on one of his shows; again highlighting the product’s reputation.
  • As well as the science and Dr. Oz, some past users have said that they now look ten years younger after taking Phyto350. These were just average people – the same could happen to you.
  • If you are one of the few people the product doesn’t work for, the manufacturers have included a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, Leading Edge Health have been in business for around fifteen years now. No company survives in this fiercely competitive industry if they are not great at what they produce.


Phyto 350 Cons

  1. Phyto350 is currently only available to purchase online, it’s not been released on the high-street.
  2. There are several strict rules to satisfy in relation to the money-back guarantee. While you do have a 90-day option on the product, once this time expires there is just a seven day window to return Phyto350.


How Does It Work?

The reason our skin starts to age is because we lose lipids. Considering the fact that almost half our skin’s structure is made up of these lipids, they play a pivotal role in staying young.

The role of Phyto350 is to replace these lipids with phytoceramides, which are able to mimic the job of the lipids and subsequently keep our skin looking fresh and young.

However, the manufacturers also rely on several vitamins to give the product an extra boost, and give your skin even more of a glow:

Vitamin A  This has been included for the simple reason that over 700 studies have shown that it reduces wrinkles and blemishes.

Vitamin C  This was the vitamin that Dr. Oz concentrated heavily on during his show, with the conclusion being that it helps keep skin firm and frees up free radicals.

Vitamin D  Studies have shown how vitamin D can promote the growth and replacement of skin. This is particularly important if your skin has been subject to damage from the sun.


Will It Work For You?

We took an in-depth look at some of the ingredients of Phyto350 in the previous section, with the majority having significant scientific studies behind them.

These studies showed that the ingredients are renowned at improving the condition of our skin and ultimately, prompting a reduction in wrinkles.

We’re also going to turn to some of the research conducted by Dr. Oz though. As we all know, this is a man who covers nothing but the best products and scientific practices.

Therefore, when he found that phytoceramides are able to reverse the effects of aging, it was sufficient evidence to suggest that this is a successful product that should work for the majority of people who turn to it.


Phyto 350 Price and Where to Buy it

When analysing the cost of Phyto350, we found that it was priced somewhat lower when compared to rival anti-aging products – particularly those which are serum or cream based.

For example, a one month supply cost $44.95, while additional savings could be made by purchasing further in advance.

This was in relation to the $25 discount by purchasing a three month batch, or the $75 saving if you pledged your faith in the product for six months.

All of these prices are in relation to the official store, which happens to be the only place one can purchase Phyto350. This can be found at

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Details and Specs
  • Phyto350 arrives in the form of a white bottle, detailing the brand and the ingredients.
  • Each bottle of Phyto350 contains thirty capsules. This equates to a one month supply of the product.
  • Users should consume one capsule per day, regardless of their skin's condition.
  • The composition of the capsules mean that they are suitable for consumption by vegetarians.
  • Each Phyto350 capsules contains 5000IU Vitamin A, 400IU Vitamin D, 30IU Vitamin E, 60mg Vitamin C and 350mg of phytoceramides. All of the vitamin servings equate to 100% of an adult's recommended daily intake.
  • It is recommended that any child, pregnant or breastfeeding woman should consult a physician before using the supplement.
  • The product should be stored in a cool, dry place.