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Pelham & Strutt Shapewear For Men

Pelham and Strutt provide shapewear for men, including vests, trunks, long sleeve and short sleeve clothing. The shapewear positively enhances your muscles as well as helping with spinal alignment, posture support and the regulation of your internal temperature.



Once upon a time, the only way to turn heads was via a strict diet and a rigorous gym schedule. Now, things are changing.

While the above two factors are obviously important, it’s become much easier to make the most of your body by wearing shapewear.

Pelham and Strutt are one of the leading brands in this field and if you do want to show off your important muscles, the ones that the ladies love, here is our full review on the brand.


Pelham and Strutt Shapewear For Men Pros

  • Pelham and Strutt’s shapewear will improve your spinal alignment, provide posture support and help control your body’s temperature. In other words, it’s just good for you.
  • However, that’s not the reason most of you will be looking at these products. They are renowned to sculpt and shape the body; basically only showing off the best bits. The shapewear will avoid showing those flabby areas, but concentrate on the bulky muscles instead.
  • You can use it to great effect on numerous parts of your body, with the range including vests, trunks, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shapewear.
  • In terms of the specific benefits, some men have reported a three inch waistline reduction after wearing the products. This is without any additional exercise or diet plan.
  • The company were put together alongside one of the best UK physiotherapists, Judith Pitt-Brooke. In other words, the products are backed up by medical experts who know how to extract the very best out of the human body.


Pelham and Strutt Shapewear for Men Cons

  1. While the Pelham and Strutt range can knock inches from a waistline, it’s not a miracle cure. In other words, it’s always advisable to put some effort into exercise and general weight management.
  2. There is an additional delivery charge of £3.95 for each order.


How Does The Shapewear Collection Work?

The Pelham and Strutt collection works by compressing and supporting all of the right areas of your body. It shapes the areas that most of us are bothered about; the chest, stomach and shoulders.

Alternatively, if you’re opting for the trunks, it goes without saying that the targeted areas will be different.

In supporting these areas, a number of benefits are achieved. You will have improved posture and spinal alignment, better circulation and your whole body will just look the part due to the sculpting effect that these garments have.

As well as the above, Pelham and Strutt shapewear has something called Thermocool technology.

This helps regulate your temperature throughout the day; evaporating moisture when you’re too hot and providing thermo-buffering properties when you are cold. For athletes, this is an invaluable feature.


Who Are Pelham and Strutt Appropriate For?

This is a collection that could apply to any man out there. For example, if you are a guy who takes a serious interest in his body and has the six-pack and biceps to prove it, the collection will make all of those bulging areas stand out even more.

Additionally, if you are going to wear them whilst training, the Thermocool technology will allow you to get even more from your workouts.

However, even if you don’t have a model-esque body, this is a range that can work. In fact, some would argue that it’s these men it will work even better for.

As we’ve already found out, it can knock up to three inches from a waistline – making you appear thinner without even looking at a treadmill. Therefore, you can make the most out of your body without breaking sweat.

In short, the collection is for anyone who wants to make an impression. The garments highlight all of your “good bits”, whilst hiding the “bad bits”.


Pricing and Where to Buy

The range currently has five different products available:

Compression Vest  Priced at £37, this vest shapes you around the chest, stomach and muscles.

Compression T-Shirt  At £42, the compression t-shirt covers a slightly bigger area than the vest and also shapes the upper arms.

Compression Long-Sleeve Top  It should now go without saying that the long-sleeve top spans across the whole of the arms, allowing you to also shape the lower arm. This is reflected in the price, with the product currently available for £45.

Trunks  The trunks provide support to those all-important areas downstairs, allowing you to look your best for those who have the privilege of seeing you stripped down. The trunks are available for £27.50.

Long-Sleeve Sport Top  There is also a long-sleeve sport top available, with this naturally targeted at the athletes out there. It includes all of the benefits of the standard Pelham and Strutt clothing, but also includes technology which aims to stop muscle fatigue and boost your overall sporting performance. This is the most expensive item of the range, priced at £49.

All of the above products are available from the official website of the brand, at

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Details and Specs
  • The sporting shapewear is constructed of 75% Polyester Thermocool, 15% Nylon, 10% Elastane. All other products are made from 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane.
  • A 35" - 37" chest is classed as a small size, 38" - 40" as medium, 41" - 44" as large and 45" - 48" as extra-large.
  • Pelham and Strutt accept Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron and Paypal as methods of payment.
  • All UK orders are subject to a £3.95 delivery charge, while international orders are £8.95.
  • Any order which is placed before 3pm is dispatched on the same day.