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Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike by Trisports


The 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike combines aerodynamics, sturdiness and just general sexiness to provide one of the most complete bikes for the cycling enthusiast who craves speed.



For the serious cyclist out there, speed is everything. Unfortunately, this usually comes at a cost and manufacturers are forced to make at least some form of compromise to provide you with a bike that is capable of reaching peak speed.

This is something which didn’t seem to occur with the 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike, with the product boasting technology that certainly managed to raise our eyebrows. Here, we take a look at the product in full detail.


Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike pros

  • The 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike is for those of you who have a need for speed. It takes advantage of a DCR system to minimize drag by 25%, providing the ultimate aerodynamics.
  • Unlike a lot of bikes which are manufactured for speed, there are no tough vibrations with the 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike. It has been designed to isolate vibration and allow you to simply focus on the route ahead.
  • The manufacturers have relied on only the best components, utilizing Shimano Ultegra 6800 and a Shimano 11-speed drivetrain to provide a real premium bike. It means that shifting gears is an absolute breeze.
  • The 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike is known for its spec, but don’t forget its looks. It’s one of the most aesthetically-pleasing bikes out there – you will turn heads wherever you venture.
  • Bearing in mind the premium components, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that you will be provided with a lifetime warranty by Orbea. Don’t worry about anything breaking, you’re in safe hands.
  • On the subject of Orbea, they are one of the best in the business. They’re sleek, premium and are put simply, a cyclist’s dream. Having manufactured bikes since the early 1930s, it’s safe to say they can be trusted.


Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike cons

  1. While some might suggest that the bike is well priced considering its premium components, it is still four figures and therefore not suitable for the casual cyclist.
  2. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a vibrant bike, you’re out of look. The 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike is available in just black or white.


Is the Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike suitable for you?

As we may have already mentioned, the  2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike is only going to be suitable for the serious cycling enthusiast.

It takes advantage of premium components and if you are casually looking for a bike to cater for your weekly trip around the park, it’s probably worth considering something else.

Instead, the  2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike is designed for those of you who want speed without compromise.

It’s astonishingly lightweight and has been designed so it reduces drag by a staggering 25%. Considering the fact that the bike is also able to pretty much eradicate vibrations, it means that it’s completely suitable for you if you like to ride fast without any sudden movements getting in the way.


What is unique about the Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike?

We’ve talked about speed, and there’s no doubt that this is what the Orbea are priding themselves on when they market this bike.

However, it’s rare that a bike is able to incorporate so many other features. The smartly designed frame means that there is additional stiffness in the front frame and rear triangle, meaning that your ride suddenly becomes that much smoother.

We could go on all day about the aerodynamics and positive results this has on speed, but let’s also point out the aesthetics of the  2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike. It’s completely sleek, minimalistic and just looks like a cyclist’s pride and joy.

We’re pretty astounded that Orbea have managed to incorporate such looks with a bike that performs so well from a speed and vibration perspective.

Additionally, on the topic of Orbea – they’ve been making bikes for 85 years. It’s rare that a complete racing bike is put to market so competitively by such an industry giant.


Price and where to buy

While the 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike might not be designed for the casual cyclist, we thought that it represented very good value for money considering its advanced feature-set.

It is available for $2,899 from

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Details & Specs
  • The 2016 Orbea Ordu M20 Triathlon Bike is a racing bike that benefits from AIZonE and Attraction technologies, as well as a DCR System to improve your speed.
  • It benefits from Shimano Ultegra 6800 components and a Shimano 11-speed drivetrain.
  • The frame is constructed from Ordu carbon OME.
  • The brakes are FSA Gossamer Pro.
  • It has the Prologo Zero Tri T2.o saddle.
  • The handlebar is the Vision Trimax Alloy.
  • An FSA 1-1/8" Integrated Carbon Cup forms the headset.
  • The crankset is a Vision Trimax Pro 38X52t.
  • The bike can be purchased in four sizes; x-small, small, medium and large.
  • It is also available in white or black, with these colors covering both sizes.