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Onnit Primal Kettlebells Collection


The Primal Kettlebells Collection focusses on four different kettlebells, ranging from 18 lbs to 72 lbs. Each one is aesthetically designed to resemble a primate, making the collection like no other in the weightlifting industry.



Everyone knows the power of kettlebells; workouts surrounding this equipment have become hugely popular over the last few years.

However, not everyone will be accustomed to the power of the Onnit Primal Kettlebells collection. This is one of the most unique sets of weightlifting equipment the industry has ever seen – and could transform the way that we bulk up.

Here, we review the collection in more detail.


Primal Kettlebells Collection Pros

  • The Onnit Primal Kettlebells collection focusses on four products; the Howler, Chimp, Orangutan and Gorilla. Each is designed accordingly, with the Howler being 18lbs, the Chimp being 36lbs, the Orangutan being 54 lbs and the Gorilla weighing in at 72 lbs.
  • The varying weights mean that it’s easy to assess your progress and move between primates as you start to gain strength.
  • However, it goes without saying that it’s the look of this collection that makes it completely unique. These four kettlebells blow any standard kettlebell out of the water – they will turn everyone’s head in the gym.
  • 3D scanners have been used to ensure that each of the kettlebells is completely balanced. Considering the unique designs that are in place, this is particularly important and ensures that one side of the kettlebell is not heavier than the other.
  • Additionally, the collection is made from chip-resistant iron. These guys will survive the test of time – there won’t be any replacements needed.
  • The manufacturers have made ab ig deal from the handle. It’s been enlarged – allowing you to get to grips (pardon the pun) with each of the kettlebells more easily.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, Onnit are hugely respected in the bodybuilding industry. They have released countless supplements and products that have taken the market by storm, and this is reflected by the mountains of positive press coverage they receive from all the big media outlets.


Primal Kettlebells Collection Cons

  1. While the Onnit range is priced very competitively, each of the kettlebells is unsurprisingly slightly more costly than a standard, non-primal kettlebell.
  2. It’s only possible to purchase the collection on the internet.


What Is Unique About the Collection?

It should go without saying that the appearance of these kettlebells is what makes them completely unique.

Normally, we’re used to kettlebells that are boring-looking to say the least, but with each member of the Onnit collection appearing like a primate it means that they are unlike anything else we have seen in the bodybuilding market.

Primal Kettlebells Collection From ONNIT


Who Is the Collection Designed For?

The collection is designed for anyone who is serious about their workouts and wants to make an impression.

Naturally, the fact that each kettlebell is designed to look like a primate is a big pull here – and anyone who sees you lifting these kettlebells is sure to be impressed.

However, let’s also skip to the technicalities. As well as looking great on the eye, the Onnit collection happens to be a very good set for bodybuilders.

They are perfectly balanced, meaning that your muscles are going to be worked properly and one side is not going to be overworked, while the enlarged handle gives you an ever better chance of lifting weights that you have never managed before.

As anyone who regularly uses kettlebells will vouch for, this is equipment which isn’t treated lightly. In other words, it’s constantly being slammed around following grueling workouts.

While you may have to replace some cheaper kettlebells due to chips and general wear and tear, the fact that the Onnit range is constructed from chip-resistant iron means that the days of constantly replacing your weights are a thing of the past.



Price and Where to Buy

The collection is currently comprised of four different kettlebells, each designed like their respective primate.

The Howler  This is a 18 lbs kettlebell, priced at $42.95.

The Chimp  For those looking to double up, the Chimp is a 36 lbs kettlebell which costs $84.95.

The Orangutan  If you’re looking to go one step further, the Orangutan is a 54 lbs kettlebell and costs $129.95 to purchase.

The Gorilla  The biggest kettlebell in the collection is the Gorilla, with this priced at $169.95.

Even though the kettlebells are slightly more expensive than standard kettlebells, when one considers the uniqueness of the Onnit collection the difference is minimal.

Additionally, for every additional kettlebell that you purchase in the collection, will knock 5% off the total order.

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Details and Specs
  • The Onnit Primal Kettlebells collection includes four different kettlebells; the Howler (18 lbs), Chimp (36 lbs), Orangutan (54 lbs) and Gorilla (72 lbs).
  • While each is designed to look like a primate, this is a fully functional set of kettlebells.
  • Each of the products is perfectly balanced.
  • Each of the products is made from chip-resistant iron.
  • The handle on each is enlarged to allow you extra grip strength.