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Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats by ONNIT


Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats are made of 100% polyester and will wick away moisture from your skin to boost your overall performance.



They say a good workman should never blame his tools, but when it comes to sporting performance there’s no doubt that these tools can make the difference between success and failure.

In relation to clothing, the gains can be more substantial than you would first imagine and when we set eyes on the Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats, we sensed an opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to make a real difference to their performance. Here’s what we found out when we reviewed the product in detail.


Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats pros

  • Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats are made from 100% polyester moisture wicking fabric, which will allow you to work out with your body at an optimum temperature.
  • Gone are the days of having to iron your workout clothes after each and every session (or wash). Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats don’t need ironing at all – they’ll look flawless whatever workout they’ve just been put through.
  • As well as playing the part and being completely practical, it’s worth mentioning that Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats just look completely classy as well. They are based on a completely unique and futuristic design which will make you stand out for all the right reasons in the gym.
  • If you don’t like what you see when you receive the product, the manufacturers are happy to refund your money. You’ll have three months to make your decision – you have plenty of time.
  • A special mention needs to be handed to Onnit. They are the pioneers when it comes to improving physical fitness; they have produced countless products which have transformed the way both amateurs and professionals approach this industry. They can be trusted, they are successful.


Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats cons

  1. The clothing has to be machine washed separately in cold water, meaning that you will have to make extra washing provisions.
  2. Unsurprisingly, considering the Onnit brand and the science behind Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats, they are slightly more expensive than rival products.


What is unique about Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats?

We could talk about the design and how this should “motivate” you to get to the gym, but the key with Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats really is in the performance.

The company have relied on 100% polyester moisture wicking performance fabric and this is significant for multiple reasons. The first is temperature control.

The fact that the fabric can wick away sweat from your body means that you can regulate your temperature and work out in optimum condition. There’s no more quitting early because you’ve built such a huge sweat up; all of this just doesn’t happen anymore.

On the other side of the coin, whilst training in cold weather, the lack of sweat means that you won’t get any of the chills that can sometimes occur when moisture rubs against your body with normal clothing.

The next benefit relates to hygiene. As we all know, sweat isn’t one of the nicest chemicals our body produces. Therefore, as well as being able to regulate our temperature by “wicking” it away, we’ll also be much less susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections.


Are Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats suitable for you?

As the previous section has probably highlighted, this is clothing designed for athletes who want to get the absolute most out of their performance – come rain or shine.

If you’re the type of guy who is constantly stripping off, or just feels the temperature far too much whilst working out, this product will work like a charm. It will provide your body with the optimum environment to work out in and this will result in much bigger results.

On a side note, there’s also the aesthetics-factor. As we’ve mentioned previously, Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats look the part as well. In other words, if you like to turn heads in the gym, you’ll do so for all the right reasons whilst donning a pair of these.


Price and where to buy

Something else we’ve touched upon already is the price. In comparison to spats by other brands, this is a product which is more expensive.

It retails at $60 but considering the science that has been invested in it, some would suggest that it’s an appropriate pricing structure.

This price reflects the deal available at the official site of the product, over at here.

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Details & Specs
  • Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats are constructed from 100% polyester moisture wicking performance fabric.
  • The design is based on a customized geo-cloud design, which is unique to 10th Planet.
  • The spats are available in five sizes; small, medium, large, X large and XX large.
  • You should machine wash the product separately from other clothing in cold water.
  • To dry the product, you can either tumble dry on a low heat or hang dry.
  • The material of Onnit 10th Planet Austin Spats means that you are not advised to iron them.
  • The spats should not come into contact with bleach, which could damage them.