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NiacinMax is a pure source of vitamin B3. It is the most effective niacin supplement in the market today and it can literally transform the way you work and play. This quick acting supplement increases agility, speed, and power while boosting endurance and strength. This formula increases performance and resilience In a way that no other legal product does.


NiacinMax can be termed a revolutionary product in the way it works and the results it produces. It promotes blood flow in the body and increases the amount of oxygen available to the brain enabling the brain to work at its optimum.

This results in faster reactions and quicker decision making. Niacinmax also increases the amount of oxygen available to other parts of the body which is necessary for the production of energy.


The Pros

  • NiacinMax is very effective. It has unique delivery technology making it the most effective niacin supplement in the market. Other supplements are not utilized properly by the body because only about 10% their ingredients are able to reach the bloodstream. NiacinMax has a high bioavailability meaning that almost all of it reach the bloodstream and the cells. It utilises a highly targeted delivery technique that ensures that you benefit from all its goodness.
  • NiacinMax is fast acting.This supplement is absorbed into the body within minutes and its effects can be felt soon enough. It utilizes sublingual delivery meaning that you only need to place the tablet under the tongue for it to reach your bloodstream. Other supplements have to pass thorough digestion which destroys most of the ingredients and takes much longer to absorb what is left behind.
  • NiacinMax has little side effects. This supplement has almost no side effects and is safe and legal. It has been tested on more than 100 people in many private clinics. Some supplements corrode the stomach lining especially if taken on an empty stomach. Niacinmax does not go into the stomach and does not cause irritation in any way.
  • NiacinMax is cost effective. The supplement employs advanced technology that ensures effective delivery into the body. It, therefore, comes in lesser concentrations than in other supplements because they have to cover for their inefficiencies. Actually, 45 ordinary 100 mg niacin tablets are equivalent to just one75 mg Niacinmax strip. It would cost so much to get the same amount of benefits in Niacinmax from ordinary niacin tablets.
  • It comes with is money back guarantee. The manufacturers are so confident of its efficacy that they give a 65-day money back guarantee. If you purchase the product and you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund.
  • NiacinMax can be taken without water. This supplement does not require to be swallowed like other ones on the market. It is absorbed into the blood stream by placing the strips under the tongue. It has a pleasant citrus flavor that will leave you feeling good.


The cons

  1. It causes a mild flush. Within 4 to 5 minutes, of taking NiacinMax you will experience a temporary flush. However, it is nothing to be afraid of; it is just usually a tingling sensation on the face and neck and a bit of skin reddening. Sometimes the skin may get a bit warm and some people might feel a bit itchy. It is important to note that other niacin supplements cause intense flushes due to their higher niacin contents. The flush is harmless and goes away in just under 10 minutes.


How it works

NiacinMax is a fast acting because it is absorbed through the mucosal tissue of the mouth. It is bio structured with liposomes, a technology that allows it to reach the target tissues efficiently. Other supplements go through the stomach and most of their ingredients are destroyed. This makes Niacinmax 45 times more effective compared to any other supplement.

It rapidly expands the blood vessels in the body allowing more blood to flow to the muscles and major organs such as the brain supplying them with oxygen and nutrients. Oxygen is required for the production of energy by the body in a process called respiration. Increased blood flow also carries away wastes that accumulate in the muscles and lactic acid delaying fatigue and providing more endurance for strenuous activity allowing you to push your body to the limits.

It is not just blood that carries oxygen in the body; it is the red blood cells. Therefore, what really matters is not blood volume but the amount of red blood cells. Niacinmax increases the production of red blood cells that increases the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. It is a natural stimulating agent that increases the levels of EPO the hormone that is responsible for the production of these red blood cells.

The human growth hormone is responsible for recovery, repair, and growth of muscles. During intense exercise up to 300 % of it is produced by the body. NiacinMax increases the level of human growth hormone by 600% or more.


Will it work for you?

NiacinMax has been developed by a top European bioscience laboratory. Many years of research have yielded the highly advanced technology used in this niacin supplement.

It is manufactured in state of the art facilities using approved manufacturing procedures. The safety and efficacy of this product have been clinically tested on more than 100 people. You can be guaranteed that this product will work for you.

In most competitive sports, energy without physique is nothing. No matter how good you are, you need power which can be achieved through a strong body. NiacinMax supplement boosts the human growth hormone levels in the body.

This results in increased muscle growth and more fat burning allowing you to build the ideal athletic body that will make you a champion in the field. Weight lifters will definitely find it easier to grow their biceps and other bodily muscles.


Niacinmax prices and where to buy

NiacinMax comes in 3 packages; the first  pack of 30 strips costing $39.99, 60 strips that come with a free bonus of 30 strips costing $79.98 and 90 strips that come with a free bonus of 60 strips costing $119.97.

NiacinMax is only available on the official website and can be delivered worldwide free of charge. Delivery takes between 24 hrs up to 15 days depending on where you live.


Details and specs
  • NiacinMax is packaged in a pack of 30, 60 or 90 75mg strips individually wrapped.
  • Auto refill service is available where a shipment is automatically done to you after certain duration.
  • Being a vitamin, it is safe to use but doctors’ advice is recommended for people who are pregnant or have kidney or heart disease or ulcers or other major illnesses.
  • 2 strips a day are recommended for best results.