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Neca Predators 2 – 1/4 Scale Figures by TSCToys


The Neca Predators 2 figures is a set of two figures from the Predator film series; the Warrior Predator and the Msked City Hunter Predator. They stand over 20″ tall and are approximately 1/4 scale.



We’ve all seen the Predator movies but most of the time, the characters stay on the big screen.

Therefore, when we saw the Neca predators 2 figures advertised, we were interested to see just how detailed they were and how much they looked like the main characters of the series.

As it turns out, the manufacturers haven’t done a bad job at all, as we take a look at this set of two figures in detail.


Neca Predators Figures pros

  • The Neca Predators 2 figures are every bit like what they appear in the movie series. Both figures stand at over 20″ tall, with the manufacturers stating that they are scaled at 1/4.
  • The detail which has been invested into both figures borders the unbelievable. There is separate body suit netting, disc throwing gears, spears and everything else you would expect to find with anything which dons the Predator name.
  • The figures aren’t just incredible to look at, they can function as well. Both boast over 25 points of articulation and interchangeable hands – meaning that you can maneuver their position at will.
  • If you are based outside of California, there are no worries about sales tax here. Additionally, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee to fall back on here – buy without any risk to your pocket.
  • Such guarantees are completely legit as well. The product has been brought to market by TSC Toys and having been established since 2004, trust won’t be an issue.


Neca Predators Figures cons

  1. It has not been unheard of for the figures to sell out quite quickly and stock levels tend to be low.
  2. You have to purchase both the figures; it isn’t possible to buy either Predator individually.


What makes the Neca Predators Figures unique?

Unsurprisingly, the market is pretty saturated when it comes to Predator merchandise. As we all know, this is one of the most successful film franchises of recent years and this is by no means the first set of figures that have made their way to the market.

However, there does seem to be a difference with the Neca Predators 2 figures. The detail that has been put into these figures is incredible and it’s rare that you will find scaled-down versions which incorporate everything from body suit netting, to a telescoping spear.

Considering the fact that you can also maneuver the figures (which makes them completely different to models out there), it’s one of the most unique sets of Predator merchandise we have found.


Is the Neca Predators Figures suitable for you?

If you happen to be a Predator enthusiast, this is most definitely a product for you. Even if you are an adult, the fact that the figures contain so much detail means that they are entirely suitable.

Of course, children are the main market. If your child is a fan of the Predator series, and likes action figures anyway, the fact that two can battle because of their vast degree of movement is obviously going to make this product a winner.

With both standing approximately 20″, it means that your son or daughter can stage quite the battle between the figures!


Price and where to buy

It’s currently possible to buy the Neca N514726 Predators for $189.33, with this representing a significant saving from the first price of $270.95.

You can buy it from

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Details & Specs
  • The Neca N514726 Predators contains a 1/4 Scale Warrior Predator and 1/4 Scale Masked City Hunter Predator.
  • The Warrior Predator is over 20" tall and has over 25 points of articulation. It also arrives with a throwing disc, telescoping spear and separate body suit netting.
  • The Masked City Hunter Predator is a character from Predator 2. This figure is similar to the other in the way that it stands over 20" tall, has more than 25 points of articulation and has the same accessories.
  • The product is sold as a set of two, with each figure having its own individual case.
  • The product will usually be shipped the next business day.