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Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp by Napiers


Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules will provide you with the vitamins and minerals that can make you overcome an iodine deficiency. This purely organic product has been associated with memory enhancements, boosts in energy as well as skin improvements.


Recent reports have suggested that 2 billion people around the world suffer from some sort of iodine deficiency. This can cause all sorts of problems, ranging from a lack of energy right the way to dry skin.

Napiers have attempted to ease the issue with their Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules, as we review the product in detail through this page.


Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules Pros

  • Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules will provide you with countless vitamins, minerals and micronutrients – with all of these contributing towards your iodine levels.
  • Suddenly, these iodine levels will return to normality and the days of struggling for energy, struggling to think straight and struggling to remember things are long gone. Additionally, your skin will also be better than ever before.
  • This is a product which is comprised of organic and natural ingredients. Side effects will not occur.
  • The way in which Napiers have developed this product is crucial. They harvest it in a way which means that the vitamins and minerals aren’t lost – they are preserved. Statistically, this means that Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules are around 60% more nutritious for you than other products of a similar ilk.
  • As well as containing more vitamins and minerals, there is around 60% less sand than rival products. In other words, this is not a supplement which is put together with ‘fillers’.
  • Some of the results from real people have been astounding. Many have experienced a considerable boost in energy in just one week – it’s a product that works fast and efficiently.
  • The Napiers brand should not be forgotten about. This is a company who have been on the scene since the 1800s – very few brands in the world can say this.


Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules Cons

  1. This is a product which tends to work best on those people who are suffering from an iodine deficiency.
  2. The product is not designed for anyone with an allergy to iodine or seaweed.


How Does It Work?

The product works by tackling a problem which is said to affect billions of people in the world; a lack of iodine.

Research has shown that iodine can ensure that our thyroid hormones function correctly, we maintain a normal energy metabolism, our skin is maintained properly and our nervous system is kept in-check. Without sufficient amounts in our system, all of these areas can start to falter.

This is where Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules come into the equation. They contain sufficient amounts of iodine to boost your supplies and ultimately ensure that all of the above problems do not occur.

The fact that the product has been put together organically is huge as well. Napiers have ensured that each of the products is dried so that valuable nutrients aren’t lost – making it work significantly better than most other ‘natural’ products that attempt to restore iodine levels.


Will Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules Work for You?

The main reason we have plenty of confidence in Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules is because of the brand itself.

As we mentioned earlier in this review, Napiers have been around for over a century. In an industry as fiercely competitive as the supplements one, this is a huge endorsement.

They have been able to survive the test of time because of their success – and there’s no reason to think that this product is going to fall outside of this.

Then, there’s the obvious science. It’s a well-known fact that a lack of iodine can cause havoc in the human body – this is something which science has proven time-and-time again.

As the ingredients within Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules are proven to boost supplies of this (as well as provide you with other essential vitamins and minerals), we’re under the belief that this is a product which will work for anyone who is struggling with an iodine deficiency.


Do Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules have side effects?

By now, you’ve probably already guessed the answer to this question. There’s a huge emphasis on staying organic in Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules and for this reason, side effects don’t occur.


Price and Where to Buy

Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules are currently available for approximately $26.

You can take advantage of bulk-buy discounts though, with two bottles available for around $50, while three bottles can be purchased for $68.

These prices refer to the official website of the product over at

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Details & Specs
  • Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules arrive in a bottle which is packaged with a white and green label.
  • Each bottle contains ninety capsules, all of which are 500mg.
  • A 500mg serving contains Vitamins A (antioxidant) 89µg, B group including B12, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxin, Choline and Cobalamin) 4.45µg, D (Cholecalciferol) 0.005µg, E (antioxidant) 0.115mg, H (Biotin) 0.15µg and K (Menadione) 5µg.
  • Capsules also contain the following ingredients: Calcium 7mg, Magnesium 3.2mg, Nitrogen 5.25mg, Phosphorus 0.75mg, Potassium 15.5mg, Sodium 13.5mg, Sulphur 15mg, Histidine trace, Isoleucine 1.165mg, Leucine 2.65mg, Lysine 1.39mg, Methionine 0.34mg, Phenylalanine 1.33mg, Threonine 1.4mg, Tryptophan trace, Valine 1.315mg, Alanine 1.95mg, Arganine 1.215mg, Aspartic acid 3.6mg, Cysteine 0.45mg, Glutamic acid 0.70mg, Glycine 1.95mg, Proline 1.5mg, Serine 1.125mg, Tyrosine 0.525mg, Antimony trace, Boron 0.03mg, Cobalt 2.7µg, Copper trace, Fluorine 0.1mg, Germanium trace, Gold trace, Iodine 350µg, Iridium trace, Iron 350µg, Lithium trace, Manganese 0.015mg, Molybdenum 0.325µg, Platinum trace, Rubidium trace, Selenium 0.075µg, Silicon 0.5mg, Silver trace, Tellurium trace, Titanium trace, Vanadium 1.15µg and Zinc 20µg.
  • Anyone over 12 years should consume one capsule per day during mealtime.
  • Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules should not be taken if you have allergies to seaweeds or iodine.