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Mint Cosmetics


Mint Cosmetics is an at-home teeth whitening kit that will improve your teeth by eight shades. The results last for up to two years, with the initial improvement taking place after just thirty minutes.



These days, a smile doesn’t just tell someone if you’re happy – it defines how attractive you are. This is certainly the case in relation to the color of teeth and if you are edging on the yellow side, you’re hardly going to impress.

Rather than pay extortionate amounts for a cosmetic trip to the dentist, there could be an at-home solution that aids your cause.

Mint Cosmetics have released an extremely well-received teeth whitening kit, as we review the product in detail here.


Mint Cosmetics Pros

  • Mint Cosmetics will make you more attractive, more confident and just generally boost your appearance – all by making your teeth up to eight shades lighter.
  • There are no painful and expensive trips to the dentist here; the procedure takes place in your own home – at hours to suit you.
  • The results aren’t temporary either. Once you’ve applied Mint Cosmetics, expect the results to last for up to two years.
  • It’s not just the basic kit that you will receive. Mint Cosmetics is accompanied by customized mouth trays, an instructional DVD and a complimentary whitening pen. In other words, you are guided in every step of your teeth whitening journey.
  • The manufacturers are so convinced that they have found a winning formula, they’ve inserted a 30-day money-back guarantee clause within the product. Your pocket will be protected regardless.
  • We should also add another mention for the manufacturers – they are extremely well regarded. Celebrities from Loraine Kelly, to publications such as No1 Magazine, have all vouched for them which just shows how renowned they are.


Mint Cosmetics Cons

  1. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should not use Mint Cosmetics. With that being said, this rule applies to any teeth whitening product.
  2. You will probably experience excess salivation as you use the product, although this is a normal side effect.


How Does It Work?

In a lot of ways, Mint Cosmetics isn’t different to a lot of other at-home teeth whitening kits. After all, they all go by the same philosophy of “soaking” your teeth in a solution in a mold.

However, the big difference comes in relation to that solution. Mint Cosmetics have put together a special formula which has been found to whiten teeth in just half an hour.

There’s no waiting around – which often occurs with other at-home products – it’s almost immediate. It will gradually start to release oxygen as it comes into contact with your teeth, before oxidizing any stains that are prevalent.

While the gel is the most impressive feature of the product, we should probably give a special mention on how the mold works as well.

After being placed in hot water and subsequently cooled, this can be molded to any set of teeth. Ultimately, it makes the gel much more efficient as you don’t need to use such large quantities to cover the entire area.

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Will Mint Cosmetics Work for You?

The fact that the manufacturers have offered to give your money back if your teeth are not eight shades lighter is enough evidence for most that Mint Cosmetics will be a successful product for them.

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However, if you are looking for further indications, we’re now going to take at some of the results from past users. Some users have been able to get their teeth seven shades whiter in a matter of weeks, while others have seen a difference within the thirty minutes of applying the treatment.

Therefore, we’re not just convinced that Mint Cosmetics is something that will help your smile, but the evidence suggests it will be in record speeds as well.

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Price and Where to Buy

Mint Cosmetics is available in several packages, although by far and away the most popular is the Full Kit. Priced at £44.99, this contains everything including customized molds, sufficient gel to last for 50 applications as well as a free whitening pen.

For those who don’t want to spend quite as much, the half kit is available for £29.99. This is effectively for the consumer who wishes to try the product out and just has enough gel for around 14 days’ worth of use.

Alternatively, if you have already bought the kit, it’s possible to buy refill gels for £19.99.

All of these products can be bought on, which is the official site for the product.

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Details & Specs
  • The standard kit arrives in a black box and contains three customized molds, four whitening gels (sufficient for 50 applications) and one whitening pen.
  • The whitening gel contains 0.16% sodium perborate.
  • Mint Cosmetics will work safely when used alongside crowns, dentures or bridges.
  • The product should be stored away from direct sunlight, in a room where the temperature is above freezing and below 26C.