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MaxRoot Gel


MaxRoot Gel is a styling agent that doesn’t just make your hair look the part, it promotes thicker and smoother hair as well. It will sooth your scalp and just generally provide you with a much healthier head of hair.



Choosing a hair styling product has suddenly got so complicated – the supermarkets are just inundated with brands. However, very few of these products actually benefit your hair.

They may help it look the part, but whether or not they improve it is another matter in its entirety.

This is where Max Root Gel comes in and if you want to both style your hair and promote volume, less hair loss and a smoother scalp – this could be the product for you.


MaxRoot Gel Pros

  • MaxRoot Gel will solve all of your hair problems that add years to the clock. It will prevent hair loss, make your hair darker to cover any grey areas, whilst just providing it with that clean and silky feel that everyone desires.
  • While appearance does count for a lot when it comes to your hair, the manufacturers have also targeted those of you who suffer from itchy scalps. The product looks to cure this problem as well – it really is a one-fits-all solution.
  • MaxRoot Gel isn’t some sort of “fad” product, it has some sterling science behind it as well. For example, one study showed that 55% of participants experienced less hair loss, while another showed how 73% saw all of their scalp itchiness eradicated.
  • The studies highlighted something else important; there were no reported side effects. In other words, you can use the product without any worries whatsoever.
  • MaxRoot Gel has sold over 100,000 units over the last few years. As anyone will tell you, no hair care product will perform this well unless it is hugely successful.
  • Additionally, the company behind Max Root Gel have now been trading for over three years. Again, companies don’t survive this long unless they release something that works tremendously well.


MaxRoot Gel Cons

  1. Some people may become suspicious at the Japanese that is penned on the box, although this is only because MaxRoot happens to be the best-selling hair product in Japan and is often imported.
  2. You will only qualify for free shipping if you purchase at least two boxes of the product.


How Does It Work?

MaxRoot Gel is unique in the way that it only takes advantage of one main component in the form of citrus fruit, or specifically makrut lime.

This lime is actually grown on organic farms in Thailand and the manufacturers have to ship the product in a refrigerated environment in order to preserve it.

This lime contains umpteen vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C and E. The importance of these vitamins should not be underestimated.

For example, vitamin B1 has been found to be a key ingredient in encouraging hair growth by providing additional glucose.

Additionally, this is a vitamin which has been associated with lower stress levels and considering the fact that this is a primary cause of hair loss, it’s further evidence why this is such an important vitamin in the product.

Then, we have vitamin B2 which has been found to activate the niacin in the body, which is able to encourage hair growth.

Vitamin B3 meanwhile is able to provide moisture to the scalp to not only encourage growth, but relieve the dreaded itchiness we have spoken about.

In other words, each and every one of the included vitamins has a huge part to play in the formation of MaxRoot Gel.


Will MaxRoot Gel Work For You?

In the hair treatment industry, there’s no doubt that science talks. Bearing this in mind, we were encouraged to read that MaxRoot Gel had some extremely comprehensive studies behind it.

The most prominent trial lasted three weeks and analyzed participants over a number of levels. Over the course of the weeks it was found that 55% reported less hair loss, 73% had eradicated scalp itchiness entirely, while 56% had said a final goodbye to dandruff.

Even more encouraging was the fact that 54% reported that their hair was returning to its darker color – meaning that shades of grey were slowly disappearing off the agenda.

This study is sufficient evidence to us that MaxRoot Gel will work for the majority of people who try it.


Price and Where to Buy

It would be fair to say that MaxRoot Gel is priced competitively when viewed against other products. For example, one box of the product is $49.99 – with this generally representing a one to two month supply.

For those of you who like to take advantage of savings, it’s worth considering buying the gel for several months at a time. For example, if you were to buy a 10 month supply, you would pay just $165 and save $160 in the process.

All of these figures relate to the official website of the product, over at

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Details & Specs
  • The product arrives in a white bottle, with the messaging in orange and black text.
  • MaxRoot Gel is designed for both males and females.
  • It is 100% organic and derives from the makrut lime, which is also known as the citrus hystrix.
  • The product should be applied before you go to bed. During the first two weeks it should be applied three times a week. In weeks 3-9 this should be lowered to twice per week and from then on you should only have to use the product on a weekly basis.