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Male Extra


Male Extra is a clinically tested supplement that has been found to increase the size of your penis, as well as provide you with added stamina and drive between the sheets.

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Anyone who says size doesn’t matter in the bedroom clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Unfortunately, the length of your penis does matter and in general, the men who have such size are the ones who get women coming back time and time again.

Therefore, when we found a natural product that could increase the size of your penis as well as benefiting your sexual drive and stamina, we were intrigued. Here’s the lowdown on Male Extra.


Male Extra Pros

  • For years bigger penises have been linked to surgery. Now, thanks to Male Extra, this is a thing of the past. The product is capsule-based – you just take three pills a day and experience drastic results.
  • When we talk about these “drastic results”, we’re not exaggerating. A study conducted by the manufacturers showed that after six months, the average user will have increased the growth of their penis by 2.6 inches.
  • However, the results can come even quicker. For example, after just three months, the average increase was 0.8 inches.
  • As well as helping out with size, Male Extra’s ingredients prompt a higher libido – meaning that your overall bedroom performance is just “topped up”.
  • The product is made out of completely natural ingredients. This means that no side effects have been associated with Male Extra, which is of paramount importance when it comes to an organ as delicate as the penis.
  • The manufacturers have included a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can try the product without any risk to your pocket whatsoever.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, Marlia Health have over 30 years of experience in the industry. As anyone involved with supplements will tell you, companies don’t last in this field unless they are fantastic at what they do.


Male Extra Cons

  1. Unlike surgery, Male Extra will not provide you with an immediate increase in length. Instead, you’ll generally have to wait three months to see the results.
  2. It is not possible to purchase Male Extra on the high-street and it can only be bought from the official website.


How Does It Work?

Unsurprisingly, for a product which tackles so many areas of sexual performance, the manufacturers have relied on numerous ingredients. They can be broken down into the following:

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic  This is one of the most renowned natural ingredients in the sexual health field, with pomegranate clinically proven to increase the hardness of your erection. Many men also take it to aid with erection problems.

L-Arginine  This ingredient is able to dilate the blood vessels around the penis and ultimately increase the blood flow in the region. As we all know, increased blood flow means a harder penis.

Cordyceps  Cordyceps are known to improve sexual desire which should have the knock-on effect of improving your overall performance during intercourse.


Will It Work For You?

It would be fair to say that male enhancement products are somewhat risky. Therefore, when we found that there was considerable science pledged behind Male Extra, we were quite surprised.

The manufacturers have conducted a study showing just how their customers react to the supplements. It was found that after three months there was an average increase of 0.8 inches, with this increasing to a mammoth 2.6 inch increase following a six month timescale.

Bearing in mind this comprehensive scientific backing, we are confident that Male Extra will have similar effects for anyone who takes it.


Male Extra Price and Where to Buy it

The manufacturers who have brought Male Extra to the market regularly run discounts. For example, the basic one month package has an RRP of £54.95, but is currently retailing for £39.95.

The same can be said for the top level package, which is priced at £154.95 and prompts a saving of almost £200.

Such prices naturally make Male Extra a lot cheaper than any surgical penis enhancement method, whilst also making it a mid-range product in relation to supplements.

The product can only be purchased from the official website, at

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Details and Specs
  • Male Extra arrives in bottle format, with the black packaging focussing on the product name and the purpose it has of providing you with bigger, harder and longer erections.
  • The product is designed for male use.
  • Male Extra is comprised of purely natural ingredients.
  • The product is consumed in capsule-format. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, meaning that each bottle is marketed for one month of use.
  • The composition of the capsules means that they are suitable for vegetarians.
  • Customers are advised to take three capsules every day.
  • Male Extra contains Pomegranate 40% ellagic, L-Arginine, MSM, Creatine, Cordyceps and Zinc.