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Loweol is a natural statin that will lower your cholesterol levels. It is clinically proven, and made by napiers, one of the most established supplement manufacturers in the world.


Some people call it the silent killer, with high cholesterol levels being a problem that can cause death if not treated appropriately.

Unfortunately, statins are the most efficient form of treatment and these cause umpteen side effects that can make your overall health even worse.

Therefore, when we saw that Lowerol could lower your cholesterol levels without burdening your body with side effects, we were captivated. Here’s our full review on the product.

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Lowerol Pros

  • Lowerol performs exactly the same job as all of the prescription statins that are currently available. It will lower your cholesterol levels but crucially, without any of the nasty side effects like nose bleeds and liver damage.
  • There are no myths behind Lowerol, with studies showing that the product is able to reduce cholesterol levels by no less than 15%. In some people, this could be the difference between life and death.
  • There’s also an impressive speed factor with Lowerol, with the effects generally taking place within thirty days.
  • It’s not just stats and facts that compliment this product though, with countless past users saying how Lowerol has helped them. Many have said that there is now no need for any prescription-based medication due to the effects of Lowerol.
  • While natural statins are starting to become slightly more popular, the fact that Lowerol is made by Napiers makes all of the difference here. Napiers have been in business for over 150 years; the market trusts them, because they make supplements that work.


Lowerol Cons

  1. Lowerol isn’t a product that will help every person suffering with high cholesterol levels. It can reduce them by around 15%, meaning that patients in a critical condition should consult with their doctor about a stronger prescription drug.
  2. The product can only be purchased on the internet.


How Does It Work?

Napiers have devised a smart concoction of ingredients that allows Lowerol to mimic the effects that prescription statins have on the body. The product relies on the following components:

Red Yeast Rice  Red Yeast Rice has been found to contain significant quantities of monocolin K, a component which has been medically proven to maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body.

Policosanol  Anyone who has researched cholesterol will know that there are two types; the good cholesterol, and the bad cholesterol.

This ingredient has been found to increase the good type, but reduce the bad.

Grape Seed Extract  One of the effects of high cholesterol is that our arteries start to clog up. Grape Seed Extract is able to strengthen these arteries and make it much harder for this to occur. Ultimately, you’re minimising the risk of contracting any cholesterol-related condition.

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Will It Work For You?

The evidence so far tells us that Lowerol has a very good chance of working for anyone who tries the product. All of the ingredients which we have just analysed are scientifically known to aid with cholesterol problems, and this gives the biggest suggestion that it’s a working product.

If one was to also scrutinise some customer feedback, the omens are also promising. A large proportion of customers have said that while they were once on the brink of using the dangerous statins, their doctor has now informed them that this is no longer required as Lowerol has reduced their cholesterol to a manageable level.

This is the ultimate aim for most people, and the reason why Lowerol works for the majority.

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Lowerol Price and Where to Buy it

A one month supply of Lowerol costs £39.95, although further discounts can be obtained if you buy in bulk. For example, a two month option comes in at £69.95, while a three month supply arrives with an even bigger discount as it retails for £89.95.

These prices are almost comparable to the standard prescription, but they are very much competitive to other natural statin products. As such, Lowerol can be described as a middle range product.

All of the prices which have been mentioned refer to, which is currently the only place where the product is available.

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Details and Specs
  • Lowerol arrives in bottle format, with the white label referring to the most prominent ingredient of Red Yeast Rice.
  • Each bottle of Lowerol contains ninety capsules. The manufacturers stipulate that this relates to a one month supply of the product.
  • However, the quantity of capsules you consume depends on your cholesterol levels. For those with slightly high cholesterol levels, just one capsule is required. Moderately high levels results in two capsules a day, while three are taken for those with very high levels. As such, one bottle can last longer than a month depending on your condition.
  • Each capsule should be consumed with water.
  • The composition of Lowerol capsules means that it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
  • Each 500mg capsule contains 400mg Red Yeast Rice Extract, 80mg Grape Seed Extract, 10mg Policosanol and 10mg Coenzyme Q10.
  • If you are taking either Verapamil or Cyclosporine there is a chance that the product will interact. As such, consult with a healthcare practitioner before combining them.
  • You should not switch from prescription statins to Lowerol without consulting with a doctor.
  • Lowerol is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.