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Lotto Social

Lotto Social is a syndicate club offering services for both the UK Lotto and EuroMillions. As well as this, it provides alerts and syndicate managers so that you never forget to buy a ticket.



Every week we seem to read stories of the Average Joe claiming a mammoth lottery win and subsequently quitting their job and transforming their life in the process.

We’re also told at the ridiculous odds that they have defied to become multi-millionaires.

Now, through Lotto Social, these odds may have become a little shorter. We’ll now review the Lotto Social syndicate in more detail to see if the chances of you becoming an instant millionaire really have just increased.


Lotto Social Pros

  • Lotto Social gives you the chance to play as part of a managed syndicate for both UK Lotto and the EuroMillions. In other words, if someone else’s ticket in your syndicate happens to win, you’ll cash in on the prize as well!
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll be cashing out tiny sums though. Each syndicate is limited to a maximum of 49 people, meaning that all jackpots are going to be worthwhile.
  • If you do happen to have won less than 60p, you can convert the cash to bonus credit. Usually, this means that you can reap four times the value of the win and pledge it towards a new lottery line.
  • You should never dispute the value of a syndicate. After all, history dictates that one in six jackpots have been won by one of these organisations over time!
  • Gone are the days of missing out on that big win, Lotto Social will automatically sign you up to a ticket every week depending on your settings.
  • You don’t need to be glued to the television on a Saturday evening either; the company will notify you of the results immediately.
  • The money-back guarantee provided with Lotto Social is bordering on astounding. If you haven’t cashed a win within sixty days, you are able to ask for your money-back.
  • Lotto Social are one of the most respected syndicates in the industry. They are completely trusted and are one of the few companies that provide 100% of the share of winnings straight back to its members.


Lotto Social Cons

  1. Like all syndicates, if you do have a winning line your earnings will be cut as they are shared with the rest of the group.


Will Lotto Social Improve Your Chances of Winning?

The fact that Lotto Social has had almost 30,000 winners last month says everything you need to know about your chances of winning.

It all comes down to simple maths. When you buy a lottery ticket, you require your exact numbers to be drawn in order to win.

Now, through the syndicate process, you are relying on a much bigger pool of numbers as there are other tickets in the mix. Of course, the big difference is that you have not purchased these tickets – meaning that you have a much bigger chance of winning the lottery without spending a penny more.


Who Is the Lotto Social Appropriate For?

It goes without saying that Lotto Social is for anyone who wants to increase their chances of winning.

Therefore, if you look at this from a financial perspective, it’s a very good option for anyone.

However, from an enjoyment point of view, Lotto Social can appeal to a different market. Those people who find themselves glued to the draw every week can suddenly have a much bigger pool of numbers to hope for – which just makes the whole process more fun to be involved with.


Cost and Where to Buy

It currently costs £9 per week for Lotto Social, with this entitling you to 60 EuroMillions lines over two draws every week. As well as this, you will receive 60 UK Millionaire Raffle entries.

Lotto Social also run a promotion whereby you can claim 15% of your investment back as cashback after being with the company for twelve weeks. This equates to £16.20 and means that the weekly subscription effectively comes down to £7.65.

All of these prices relate to the packages available on


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Details and Specs
  • As soon as your payment is processed you will be entered into the next UK Lotto or EuroMillions draw, depending on the package you have selected.
  • If you have applied to Lotto Social after 7.00pm GMT on the day of a draw, you will have to wait until the next draw.
  • You must be over 16-years-old to apply for Lotto Social.
  • Lotto Social is open to the world, although different countries will have different taxation laws. In the UK for example, most of the time winnings are non-taxable.
  • If you win less than £0.60, you will be permitted a bonus credit which can generally be converted into lottery lines.
  • There will never be more than 49 players in one syndicate.