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Litter Robot


Litter Robot is able to take care of your cat’s litter without you lifting a finger. It will discard your cat’s waste every time he uses the litter, giving you more time and freedom in the process.



Cats might bring joy to millions of people’s lives, but there are also those chores that most of us would prefer not to do.

Changing the litter certainly falls in to this category and whether it’s because of time, the cost of the litter itself or just the unpleasant nature of the job – we’d all rather not do it.

This is where Litter Robot comes in and as the name suggests, this is a product that does it all for you. Here, we review Litter Robot in further detail.


Litter Robot Pros

  • Litter Robot is a litter box that cleans itself. That’s right, gone are the days of you having to scoop and clean everything yourself – this is a product which will save you masses amount of time.
  • You will no longer have to worry about returning home for a specific hour, just so your cat’s litter isn’t in “that” state. Litter Robot does it all for you with its “waste drawer” able to store several days’ worth of waste.
  • Once the drawer does become full, you don’t really have to get your hands dirty either. It is already bagged, meaning that your only task is to discard it appropriately. It’s like changing a garbage bag.
  • Don’t only think of this from your own perspective either; cats have been found to be much happier after using a clean litter box and by using Litter Robot, they will always be surrounded by cleanliness.
  • We’ve talked about saving time, but also remember the finances here. Most people tend to only use half the amount of litter after changing to Litter Robot – meaning that your upkeep costs are slashed in half as well.
  • If that’s not a big enough financial incentive, the manufacturers have attached a 90-day money-back guarantee. If your cat doesn’t like the product, you get your money back.
  • There are more buying incentives as well. The manufacturers have also included an 18-month warranty which highlights their completely trustworthy reputation.


Litter Robot Cons

  1. Litter Robot is undoubtedly a premium product and the cost may put off some potential buyers.
  2. It won’t eradicate all of your litter-related tasks; you will still have to empty the waste drawer every few days.


How Does It Work?

Any product with the term “robot” in the name is sure to raise eyebrows – particularly when it is related to cats!

However, this is yet another example of technology making those day-to-day chores so much easier for us. As any cat owner will tell you, litters are a nightmare to keep on top of.

As well as the daily scoops, there are the weekly cleans that you should abide by in order to give your cat (and you for that matter) a hygienic life.

Litter Robot works on the premise of your cat stepping into the globe, before performing as he would usually.

The big difference is that upon departure (and this is something the product can detect), the globe starts to rotate. This rotation movement scoops up the clumps and discards them in a waste drawer.

This drawer can be emptied every few days, meaning that you have immediately solved the hygiene and time issues that you will have been bogged down with over the years.


Is Litter Robot Suitable For You?

In short, this is a product which is suitable for any cat owner who just wants to rid themselves of the unpleasant job of litter-duty.

If you are finding that time is of the essence, and the daily and weekly cleans are getting too much, there’s no doubt that this product can aid enormously.

On that note, anyone who is just generally grossed-out by emptying and cleaning the litter can benefit terrifically as well.

As we will move onto in the next section, there’s no doubt that Litter Robot is a premium product – but a lot of people are prepared to pay just so they don’t have to perform regular litter tasks.


Price and Where to Buy

There are currently two Litter Robots available to purchase, both from the official website over at

The first is called the Litter Robot II and this is the standard offering, retailing at $369.

For those cat owners who have a slightly larger pet, and want to provide some natural light while they use the litter, it’s possible to purchase the Litter Robot II bubble. This currently costs $389.

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Details & Specs
  • Litter Robot can be described as a globe-like product that arrives in black, beige or grey.
  • The package includes a carbon filter, waste drawer liners, 12 volt DC power supply and an operating manual.
  • The dimensions of the product are 29"x22"x24". If you purchase the Bubble option, the depth of the product increases by three inches.
  • The product will not function alongside Feline Pine.
  • Litter Robot arrives with an 18-month warranty.