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L Glutamine by Myprotein


L Glutamine will make it much easier for you to recover from your workouts, with this product able to replenish your glutamine levels due to its 100% glutamine composition.

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Most of us would love to have a beach body, particularly as we now approach the summer months.

Unfortunately, most of us just can’t push our body that extra mile in the gym that will allow us to build those ripped muscles.

It’s here where a little help is in order, and L Glutamine seems to be the solution. This dietary supplement will allow you to get through those intense training sessions a little easier and see the rewards because of it. Let’s take a look at the product in detail.


L Glutamine Pros

  • L Glutamine will allow you to get through those intense workouts better than ever before. It will replenish your Glutamine levels and therefore allow you to continue to work out at the same intensity throughout your session.
  • To put this into perspective, if you weren’t to synthetically replenish these levels it could take six days for the Glutamine levels to return to normal. This is a huge time difference and means that your training will be significantly less effective.
  • There aren’t just scientific lines behind this product; real people have experienced real results as well. Many just can’t believe how easy it is to recover after a workout – L Glutamine makes training so much easier.
  • The product arrives in no fewer than ten different flavors, meaning that there is a taste for each and every athlete.
  • The company behind the product, My Protein, have made a tremendous name for themselves in the supplements industry. They are regarded as one of the premier brands, and you just have to take one look at their immense catalog to appreciate this.


L Glutamine Cons

  1. This is a product which will only benefit your recovery times; it’s not something that’s going to boost your lean muscle mass.
  2. At the present time it is only possible to buy L Glutamine on the internet.


How Does It Work?

L Glutamine is one of the simplest supplements out there to explain. When we work out, we start to tire.

Our strength, stamina and general recovery levels start to drop and this is for one reason and one reason only – our glutamine levels are depleted.

As we’ve already touched upon, it can take six days for these levels to be restored to their normal level. Admittedly, you will still be able to train during this period, but it’s not going to be anywhere near as effective.

Therefore, L Glutamine is able to replenish these levels and shorten your recovery time. You will be able to get more out of each subsequent training session and meet your targets more quickly.


Will L Glutamine Work for You?

If you are someone who rarely takes to the gym, it should go without saying that L Glutamine is going to be a rather pointless product for you.

However, if you are a seasoned gym attendee, then things take a change. If you can feel your body struggling to meet the demands of each session, simply because it can’t recover properly from the previous one, this is a product that will suit you.

Countless past users of L Glutamine are amazed at how it positively impacts muscle recovery and just allows you to get more out of each session.


Price and Where to Buy

L Glutamine arrives in ten flavors, with the unflavored option being slightly cheaper than the others. For example, a 0.5 lb version of this costs $8.49, as opposed to the $9.34 which something like sour apple is available for.

If you are looking for slightly larger quantities, the 2.2 lb unflavored pouch can be bought for $20.99. Flavored versions are just a few dollars higher and are available at no more than $25.49. All of these prices refer to the official website at

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Details & Specs
  • The product arrives in a silver and blue pouch, detailing the branding and flavor on the front.
  • L Glutamine can be bought in ten different flavors including berry blast, blue raspberry, grape, lemon and lime, orange, raspberry lemonade, sour apple, tropical, unflavored and water melon.
  • Three sizes are available as well; 0.5 lb, 1.1 lb and 2.2 lb.
  • It is recommended to consume 5g of the product, 1-3 times daily. Ideally, it is best to consume at breakfast, lunch and before sleep.
  • The product contains 100% Glutamine.