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Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers by Gobuu


The Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers are made from cotton and designed for any guy who wants to boast that casual, rugged appearance.



It would be an understatement to say that jeans have made quite an impression in the fashion industry over the years; they’re a garment that exists in practically every single wardrobe in the world.

However, there are occasions where jeans can just become boring. This is where khakis come into play and if you are looking to give off a slightly different appearance, these Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers could be just the trick.

Here are our thoughts on the trousers.


Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers pros

  • Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers are formed from cotton and arrive in a traditional sandy shade.
  • This is one of the few trousers out there that can work with practically any type of clothing. Whether you are wearing a patterned, contrasting or plain top – the khakis will fit perfectly.
  • Looking for a different summer appearance? The cotton material means that you can don a pair of the Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers without any temperature concerns; they’re ideal for this time of year.
  • Gone are the days of trying to find suitable pockets for your wallet and phone – there are umpteen available in these trousers.


Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers cons

  1. The Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers are a budget pair of trousers; they’re not designed for formal events by any stretch.
  2. The trousers can only be purchased online; you can’t try before you buy so to speak.


Are the Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers suitable for you?

As we’ve already highlighted, jeans are great. Unfortunately, they’ve become rather boring. While you can purchase a whole host of different styles, denim is denim and there does become a time where something different is required to make an impression.

This is where the Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers step in. If you’re looking for a slightly alternative appearance in the warmer months, these tick all of the boxes. They’re made from cotton, which is ideal for when the temperature does rise, and they give a completely unique appearance that can still accompany a variety of tops.

Of course, if you’re just going for “that” rugged, military look, suffice to say – the khakis work a charm.

What is unique about the Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers?

The Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers are made unique mainly because of their price. We’ll go into detail about this in the next section, but they are most definitely a budget solution which is in stark contrast to most khaki pants out there.

When you consider that the trousers are still made from cotton and boast a very good appearance, it’s certainly rare where you get such a combination of features for a low cost.


Price and where to buy

There’s no doubt that the Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers are suitable for a wide audience through their pricing structure, with the trousers available for just $12.96 from

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Details & Specs
  • The Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers are brand new and do not arrive with any accessories.
  • The product is available in ten different sizes; 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38 and 40.
  • The manufacturer warns that there can be a deviation between 2cm and 3cm on sizes, due to the different production batches.
  • The shipping weight of the Khaki Cotton Blends Trousers is 1.1kg.