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Grondyke Tactical Soap


Grondyke Soap will amplify your alpha status, taking advantage of pheromones to change other people’s opinion of you and ultimately make you much more attractive to the opposite sex.

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The ability to influence someone else (primarily the opposite sex), is something that some of us could only dream to do.

Fortunately, you don’t have to boast awards in psychology to achieve this these days.

Now, through pheromone-infused soaps, it’s possible to reap this effect just by taking a shower. Grondyke Soap falls into this category, as we review the product in full detail.


Grondyke Tactical Soap Pros

  • In some ways, Grondyke Soap is incredibly simple. After all, this doesn’t affect your day-to-day routine in the slightest – you will simply be using a different product to tackle your normal routine of staying hygienic.
  • Of course, in other ways, Grondyke Soap is anything but normal. It takes advantage of a proprietary pheromone formula to boost your sexuality, alpha status and masculinity. You will just ooze prestige and become much more attractive to everyone who you come into contact with.
  • Umpteen research has been conducted on pheromones; which happen to make Grondyke Soap the product it is today. It’s specifically based on Androstene and again, this is a component which has been associated with so many masculinity-related boosts for the male body.
  • As well as the science behind Androstenon, Grondyke Soap has been designed in collaboration with a clinical psychologist. It’s further evidence that this is a genuine product which can confirm your A-game every single day.
  • Even though Grondyke Soap might almost sound like a fad, the company behind it are anything but jokers. They have created a scientifically proven product and the fact they have a bricks and mortars address just proves how established their business is.


Grondyke Tactical Soap Cons

  1. Unsurprisingly, Grondyke Soap costs considerably more money than the standard soap that you currently use for washing purposes.
  2. In comparison to other products, it could be said that the Grondyke tactical Soap website is inferior and less professional which may turn some consumers away.


How Does It Work?

As we’ve already noted, Grondyke Soap takes advantage of an ingredient called Androstenone. This is one of the most interesting chemicals that the body produces – as some people cannot smell it, while others believe it takes a scent of vanilla.

Nevertheless, regardless of the scent, Androstenone is something that proves exceptionally appealing to the opposite sex. It effectively mimics body odor, or a “masculine” smell, and this is something that can trigger behaviors in others.

It amplifies sexuality, alpha status and just generally makes you much more attractive to women.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but countless studies have proven how effective this chemical is in “convincing” others about your status.


Is Grondyke Tactical Soap Suitable For You?

This is entirely down to your own beliefs and just how you wish to be perceived by others.

If you think that you lack dominance, that you cannot be taken as seriously as others in a conversation or you just don’t attract women like other men, this could be something that is perfect for your life.

Unfortunately, some men just produce less pheromones than others. If you fall into this category, you could most certainly get more out of your life by using something like Grondyke Soap.


Price and Where to Buy

Grondyke Soap currently sell one product, in the form of Durden soap. It’s possible to buy one Durden bar for $10.95, although discounts are available if you purchase larger quantities.

For example, a two-pack is priced at $19.95, while you will pay just $39.95 for four Durden bars.

All of these prices relate to the official website of Grondyke tactical Soap, over at

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Details & Specs
  • Grondyke Soap arrives in black packaging, highlighting basic details of the product in blue, red and white text.
  • The product is currently available in a cedar wood scent.
  • It is based upon a proprietary pheromone formula that primarily uses Androstenone.
  • The net weight of the product is at least four oz.
  • The product should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • All major credit cards are accepted, as well as Paypal.