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Green Lantern Slim Cut Tie by Jack Franklin


The Green Lantern is a slim cut tie made on Italian Weavers and benefits from 100% wool interlining and 100% silk.



It’s rare that a tie portrays such a premium message, but that’s exactly what we found with this 100% wool Green Lantern product.

This slim cut tie seems to be ideal for the man who wants to make that striking impression and if you fall into this category, take a read to see if this garment really can make the difference for your next formal event.


Green Lantern pros

  • Designed with a green and blue pattern, the Green Lantern is ideal if you are looking to make a sophisticated impression at any formal event.
  • Constructed from 100% wool interlining and 100% silk, whilst being made on Italian Weavers, it goes without saying that this tie is the definition of luxury.
  • The slim cut means that it can even change your whole physical appearance. Slim cut ties can work wonders on the larger man, or if you just want to enhance your tall and slim appearance.
  • If the tie disappoints you, there’s no need to worry about your wallet. It’s protected with a returns policy which will give you store credit, a refund or a replacement straight away.
  • Such a policy shouldn’t be a surprise with Jack Franklin, who are just one of the classiest garment makers around. As well as manufacturing great, premium products, consumers just love them. Trust isn’t an issue here.


Green Lantern cons

  1. This isn’t a tie which is going to suit everyone. While not overpriced, it’s not a budget product and you should bear this in mind when purchasing.
  2. Some of you may prefer to try a tie on before you buy, to get a feel for the garment. Unfortunately, the Green Lantern is mainly available online.


Is the Green Lantern suitable for you?

First and foremost, the Green Lantern is a slim cut tie. As such, it is immediately more suited towards some men more than others.

For example, it’s generally said that if you’re tall and skinny, a slim tie can complement your build perfectly. Additionally, if you’re looking to appear a little slimmer, it should go without saying that this tie could make the difference.

Now, the body types are out of the way, the composition of the Green Lantern means that it will be suited to anyone out there who just craves sophistication.

Made on Italian weavers with 100% silk and 100% wool interlining, it doesn’t get much more “premium”. In other words, if you’re desperate to make an impression, the tie has the materials to do this.

Even if your peers aren’t familiar with ties and textures in general, it will be blatantly obvious that you are wearing something which is sophisticated and makes you look the real deal.

On the flip side, this isn’t going to be a tie designed for casual events. It’s for formal occasions – where you’re looking to make that big impression.


What is unique about the Green Lantern?

It’s rare that a tie’s material can speak so loudly, but that’s exactly what occurs with the Green Lantern. The 100% silk is obvious from a mile away, and this is perhaps what differentiates it from many ties which just don’t have that striking “personality”.

The way in which this tie is weaved also makes it a little unique as well. Nowadays, regardless of the materials which are used, most ties are put together on basic machinery.

The Green Lantern is different, being constructed on Italian Weavers which almost give it a hand-crafted feel. Again, it’s all about adding those “premium points”.


Price and where to buy

We’ve spoken a lot about the premium nature of the Green Lantern and bearing this in mind, the price is pretty respectable.

It’s available for just $36 from, with this being reduced from the original price of $105.

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Details & Specs
  • The Green Lantern is a slim cut tie which uses dark shades of green and blue as its primary colors. The green forms regular strikes on top of the blue background.
  • The tie has been made on Italian Weavers.
  • It is formed from 100% silk and 100% wool interlining.
  • The dimensions of the tie measure 60 L x 3.25 W.