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Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans by OASAP


The Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans are one of the most visually stunning pairs of skinny jeans out there, with their lace panels making them both trendy and sexy at the same time.



It’s rare that a pair of jeans will make you sit up and take notice, but this is most certainly the effect that the Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans by OASAP achieves.

On first glance, they appear like a standard pair of washed out blue denim jeans. Then, when you take a closer look, both legs offer something utterly unique. They are something that could slot superbly into a lot of women’s wardrobes, as we take a closer look through this review.


Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans pros

  • Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans are the perfect way to stand out. Amongst the washed out blue denim jeans are lace paneled patterns that provide an appearance that few jeans will rival.
  • Not only are the lace panels visually stunning, they add a degree of sexiness to these jeans. Immediately, some skin is on show – just enough to turn heads.
  • The jeans arrive with a zipper closure – there are no button problems with this pair.
  • If you’re interested, but not quite sure if the lace paneled design will suit you, you can still take advantage of a money-back guarantee offer. The vendor will give you 45-days, from the day of purchase, to obtain a refund.
  • Such a generous refund policy shouldn’t come as a surprise with OASAP. In five short years they have become one of the leading online fashion retailers; not only do they have fair policies, they also happen to make great clothes.


Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans cons

  1. If you need these urgently, you may need to pay for the privilege. Standard delivery can take up to 15 days, with the express shipping offering a turnaround time in as little as 3.
  2. You can only purchase the jeans in washed out blue at the moment – no other shades are available.


What is unique about the Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans?

The uniqueness of the Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans undoubtedly comes in the lace panels. While more and more manufacturers have been turning towards special features in jeans over the last few years, we’ve yet to see one which offers an appearance as visually striking as these.

Not only does the lace pattern look great from a design point of view, it suddenly adds a degree of sexiness to the jeans which is rarely talked about in this type of clothing. It will allow you to show off skin on most of your leg – and allow you to turn heads in the process.


Are the Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans suitable for you?

If you’re looking for something a little different, away from the norm, it goes without saying that these Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans could be for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a traditional pair of jeans, you should probably look away now.

The Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans are going to appeal to a specific market; the women who want to strike a chord with their clothing and be the talk of the town.

The design of the product is stunning and if you are also looking to obtain slightly more attention from the opposite sex, the fact that so much skin is on show will allow you to do this as well.


Price and where to buy

For such a unique pair of jeans, we were surprised when we researched the price of the Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans. They retail at just $23.99, considerably less than the cost of most jeans, and are available to purchase from

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Details & Specs
  • The Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans arrive in a washed out blue denim, with lace panels on either side of the leg. They are a "skinny" type of jeans.
  • The product benefits from a zipper closure.
  • You should consult the care label before attempting to wash these jeans.
  • It's possible to buy Fashion Wash Lace Paneled Jeans in XS, S, M, L or XL.
  • Standard shipping can take between 7 and 15 days. For an extra $15.95 you can reduce this to 3-7 days through the express option.
  • The refund policy states that you can get your money-backwithin 45 days of buying the product. If this is due to the fact that the jeans do not fit or are not to your taste, you will have to pay the return shipping costs.