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Design House Universal Side Splash by Peazz


The Design House Universal Side Splash is a polished, black pearl side splash which can be easily installed to add the wow-factor to your bathroom.



Anyone who has remodeled their bathroom will testify that at times, it’s hard to add the wow-factor. There’s only so far design can go in this small space, and that’s why it’s the little things that matter.

The Design House Universal Side Splash certainly falls into this category, with this item allowing you to bring your vanity top and basin to life and add ounces of sophistication.


Design House Universal Side Splash pros

  • The Design House Universal Side Splash is a high quality side splash that will make your basin stand out from every other bathroom around.
  • Finished in polished black pearl, the product is the definition of sophistication and will add utter luxury to your bathroom environment. It’s 2cm in thickness, which again sets it apart and doesn’t make it look “budget” or “cheap” in any sort of way.
  • As well as looking the part, this is also an extremely durable side splash. You don’t have to worry about replacing it after several months of use.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, installing the Design House Universal Side Splash is as easy as it gets. You don’t have to be experienced at DIY – it’s all so easy.
  • If you receive the Design House Universal Side Splash and realize that it’s just not going to fit into your bathroom, you can obtain a full refund within 30 days.
  • As long as you’re based outside of California, you don’t have to pay any sales tax on this product.
  • Manufactured by the Design House, you are purchasing a product that has been made by a company you can trust. They’ve been operating for years, are completely up-to-date on design trends, and can just be trusted when it comes to adding style to your bathroom.


Design House Universal Side Splash cons

  1. This isn’t a budget product by any stretch of the imagination; it isn’t the cheapest side splash you will find and this should be accounted for.
  2. If you have a sink area that is not of standard size, the 22.8x x 1.5 x 4.25 in dimensions may not suit your needs.


What makes the Design House Universal Side Splash unique?

As we all know, side splashes are by no means anything new – they’ve been around for years. One of the reasons the Design House Universal Side Splash is unique is the way that it’s exceptionally stylish and will accommodate pretty much every bathroom around. Finished in black pearl, a shade which is neutral yet trendy, the polished nature of the product means that you will immediately inject luxury into your bathroom. This luxury is enhanced by the 2cm thickness, which just reinforces the fact that this is a premium product.

Additionally, in something which can be a concern for bathroom fittings, the Design House Universal Side Splash is made from durable materials which mean that you can rest assured it is going to last for the long-term.


Is the Design House Universal Side Splash suitable for you?

If you are looking to add some life and luxury into your bathroom, this is a product which could very much be suited to you. The black polished nature of it means that it can brighten up even a budget room – and that’s perhaps what makes it suitable for so many different bathrooms.

Something else which may make it suitable is the easy installation. Unlike some bathroom fixtures, which can sometimes require advanced tools and even outside assistance, installation is a breeze. It can be installed in record speeds – and this is significant for those of us who aren’t used to regular DIYing.


Price and where to buy

The Design House Universal Side Splash is a premium product and is available for $232.95 from Surprisingly for a product of this weight, shipping is completely free.

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Details & Specs
  • The Design House Universal Side Splash is finished in black pearl and arrives with three sides polished.
  • The product is sized at 22.85 x 1.5 x 4.25 in and weighs at 8 lbs.
  • The side splash is 2cm thick.
  • If you are based outside of California you will not pay shipping charges.