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Brydge Keyboards

Brydge provide keyboards that can be used with the iPad Air and standard iPad that allow you to type using a traditional device, rather than the tablet touchscreens we are accustomed to.



Some people weren’t sure if tablets would cut it after Apple brought the iPad to the scene several years ago. Suffice to say, these people were wrong.

Tablets have gripped the world and they allow us a seamless way to work and play. The only problem, sometimes, is that typing can be an issue.

If you’ve got a long business email to write, tapping away on a screen is hardly ideal. This is where the Brydge Keyboards enter the picture, with this equipment instantly solving the problem. Here, we review the devices in further detail.


Brydge Keyboard Pros

  • The Brydge is designed from 100% aluminum and seamlessly links with the iPad. This is the big difference with other tablet keyboards; this is a product which will bridge the devices as it has been designed with the same amount of attention as the iPad itself.
  • As well as acting as a keyboard, most of the devices provide speaker functionality as well. The Brydge is an all-in-one device.
  • All of the products have battery lives of up to three months; you don’t have to constantly and annoyingly recharge them.
  • You won’t be lugging around ridiculous sums of weight either. The combination of an iPad and the Brydge is less than the weight of a Macbook Air.
  • There are no complicated installation methods here. Brydge keyboards simply slot into place, with Bluetooth then pairing them to function as a keyboard and speaker.
  • The company behind Brydge started as a Kickstarter campaign, which happened to be one of the most successful in history. They’ve now been taken on by an even bigger organization, simply because their products are so successful.


Brydge Keyboard Cons

  1. Brydge keyboards are not the cheapest tablet keyboards on the market; they are constructed from aluminum which makes them slightly more expensive.
  2. The keyboards are generally only available online. While offline stock lists are increasing, they are still very limited.


What Is Unique About Brydge Keyboards?

As we have already highlighted, tablet keyboards are not a new invention. They have been around for some time, with some established technology brands being in on the act.

However, the big difference with Brydge keyboards is the construction of them. They are formed out of 100% aluminum and fit seamlessly with the Apple devices.

As the company proudly state, the clue is in the name, with the Brydge aiming to bridge together the two devices so the tablet effectively turns into a laptop.


Who Are Brydge Keyboards Appropriate For?

The products are designed for anyone who wants to get the absolute maximum out of their tablet.

The iPad was designed so you could lounge back in whatever location, and comfortably browse the internet, play games or perform any task you wished in complete comfort.

Something that the iPad wasn’t necessarily designed for was writing, or any other task that involved excessive typing.

While touch screens are especially handy in some regards, in others, such as typing, they are problematic. This is where the Brydge enters the picture, with the seamless nature of the device allowing you to quickly hook it up to your iPad and start typing like you are using a standard laptop.


Pricing and Where to Buy

There are currently five products available in the Brydge range:

Brydge+ Speakerless  Designed for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, this model arrives without built-in speakers. However, it has 180 degree functionality and the classic aluminum body. It retails for $129.

Brydge+ Polycarbonate  Also designed for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, the Polycarbonate does arrive with speakers. The other difference is within the materials, with the polycarbonate body providing the device with extra strength. This product is on the market for $99.

BrydgeAir – Space Gray  This is to be used with the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. It has the standard aluminum body, built-in dual stereo speakers as well as backlit keys. It is sold for $169.

BrydgeAir – Silver  Also available for $169, the only difference between this and the previous product is the color.

BrydgeAr Gold  The final product in the collection is the BrydgeAir Gold, available for $189. It has all of the features that come as standard in the BrydgeAir series, with the gold color being the only difference.

All of these prices and product ranges are in reference to the official site of the keyboards, over at

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Details and Specs
  • The Brydge range currently supports the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.
  • The products are constructed out of either an aluminum or polycarbonate body.
  • The battery life for all of the keyboards is up to three months.
  • The keyboards benefit from a 180 degree hinge.
  • Connection to the iPad is made via Bluetooth.
  • The Brydge Air products arrive with backlit keys.
  • Warranties between six and twelve months are available with the products.