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Bremont Watches 37mm Solo Rose For Women

If you’re a woman who likes to show off class, Bremont is the brand for you. Based on the design of airplane dashboards, this manufacturer creates some of the most sophisticated wrist watches in the world and is targeted at those women who want to make an impression.



It’s a harsh but true reality; women are judged on their appearance. This comes down to everything from their hair colour, skin complexion, to even their jewellery.

In relation to the latter, watches play a big part in the overall image of a woman. A budget brand creates a budget image, while a sophisticated wrist watch shows that the lady means business.

In the case of Bremont watches there’s certainly plenty of sophistication, as we review this brand in full detail through the course of the page.


Bremont Watches For Women Pros

  • Bremont isn’t some sort of budget brand; it’s a brand that is designed to captivate attention. The manufacturer has amassed a fantastic reputation over the years, with its products oozing sophistication.
  • The inspiration behind the company was from aeroplanes. The founders’ enthusiasm for aviation is replicated in their watch face designs, with each designed to mimic a plane dashboard. It again adds to that charming image that the brand is associated with.
  • The women’s watches arrive in both leather and steel straps, allowing you to choose an option that suits your style.
  • Additionally, you can opt for steel, pink or rose gold – again giving you the ultimate flexibility in finding something to suit your style.
  • All of the ladies models arrive with time and date functionality and water resistance up to 100m. It means that as well as looking the part, these watches are hugely functional as well.
  • Every Bremont watch is accompanied by a 3 year warranty. This doesn’t only safeguard your pocket, but it also highlights the confidence which the company have in their high-quality designs.
  • The thought of turning up to an event with the same watch as another woman should never be entertained. Bremont watches are manufactured in limited numbers – what you wear will be more or less unique to you.


Bremont Watches For Women Cons

  1. As we’ve already highlighted, Bremont isn’t a budget brand. All of their products cost thousands of pounds to purchase, simply due to the quality of the parts.
  2. There are currently only two models available in the women’s range.


What Is Unique About Bremont Watches?

As we’ve just highlighted, Bremont is one of the few manufacturers out there that makes their models in limited numbers.

The thought of turning up to a party in the same dress as another woman would be unbearable to most of us – and the same applies to wrist watches.

Having something that’s the same as someone else just shouldn’t be tolerated – and that’s why the limited numbers factor is huge when it comes to this brand.

There are of course other selling points. It’s worth mentioning that all of the watch designs are based on the theme of aviation.

You don’t necessarily have to be a budding pilot to appreciate this – plane dashboards are just sexy. They’re a cross between modern technology and traditional tried-and-tested methods.

They control something that is one of the most fascinating machines in the world. In other words, when such designs are attributed to a watch, the effects can be mesmerizing.


Who Are Bremont Watches Appropriate For?

In short, any woman who takes pride in their wrist would benefit from a Bremont watch.

While we may have reiterated it to the point of boredom already, these are watches that are manufactured out of the highest quality parts and therefore strike a chord with anyone who appreciates astonishing design.

You won’t only turn heads from a romantic sense, but you can be on par with any man in a business setting due to the dominance that these devices just echo.


Pricing, Our Picks and Where to Buy

The brand don’t make any secrets about the premium nature of their models, as highlighted by the prices of the two women’s watches they currently have available:

Bremont Watch Solo 37mm Rose Dial Numerals  This 43mm watch boasts a case which is 2000Hv on the Vickers scale.

In other words, it’s seven times more scratch resistant than most watch materials. As well as this, it benefits from a classy leather strap, automatic movement and water resistance up to 100m. It is available for £2,550.

Bremont Watch Solo 37mm Rose Gold  A slightly more premium model comes in the form of the Bremont Watch Solo 37mm Rose Gold. This has the exact same benefits as the previous model, only with the case being constructed from a combination of pink and rose gold.

Another change revolves around the bracelet, with this now being constructed out of silver. For these reasons the model is available for the slightly higher sum of £2,900.

Both of these models can be bought from the officially authorised agent of Bremont,

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Details and Specs
  • Both watches arrive with a case width of 37mm, silver dial, automatic movement, water resistance up to 100m and a deployment clasp type.
  • Both watches feature time and date functionality.
  • TheBremont Watch Solo 37mm Rose Dial Numerals has a leather strap, while the Bremont Watch Solo 37mm Rose Gold has a steel one.
  • Any Bremont watch that is purchased arrives with a 3 year warranty.
  • The watches that have been mentioned in this review are designed for ladies.