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Bremont Watches For Men

Bremont is one of the classiest manufacturers in the watch industry. There are fourteen different collections to choose from, with each providing you with sophistication that is almost unparalleled in the industry.



They might be a relatively new name in the industry, but few people can disagree that Bremont are one of the big players.

Their watches are designed for men who want to make a statement; who want to wear a brand that just oozes sophistication.

Through this review, we’ll now take a look at the watches in more detail and see if they are right for you.


Bremont Watches Pros

  • Some watches just make people sit up and take notice; and the Bremont brand certainly falls into this category. They may have only been around since 2002, but they have become renowned for their classy and sophisticated wristwatches. In other words, they can transform your reputation.
  • This is a British company and as we all know, watch making is very much a British trade. Britain has been the centrepiece of watch design and this again adds to the value that the Bremont brand brings.
  • The company provides alligator, rubber, synthetic, leather and steel straps, meaning that men of all tastes can wear a Bremont with pride.
  • Every watch arrives with a 3 year warranty; meaning that you can rest assured knowing your product is going to survive the test of time.
  • Each watch is hand built and made in limited numbers. It means that you’re not going to constantly bump into other guys who are donning the same watch – you are unique.


Bremont Watches Cons

  1. This is by no means a budget brand. Prepare to spend several thousand pounds on a Bremont watch.
  2. The company haven’t been around for decades like some of their competitors, and this means that they are not quite as well-known. They don’t have that worldwide pull of Rolex and other brands that have taken decades to etch into our minds.


What Is Unique About These Products?

The way in which Bremont was founded makes it completely unique when compared against competitors.

The founders were inspired by their love of aircrafts and subsequently tried, and ultimately succeeded, in creating a watch that mimicked the aeroplane dashboard. Regardless of whether you are a fan of aviation, this in itself makes for a stunning watch face.

If we take on the aviation theme even further, some of the models even use the same materials that modern aeroplanes take advantage of.

For example, the Boeing collection uses the same titanium as various Boeing planes. Again, this isn’t just relevant for aviation enthusiasts, but also anyone who appreciates high quality watch manufacturing.

We should again reiterate that limited numbers of Bremont watches are made for each model. This just adds to the uniqueness factor – you aren’t going to see countless versions of the same model donning the wrists of guys who walk past you.


Who Are Bremont Watches Appropriate For?

As we mentioned previously, anyone who has a keen interest in aviation is sure to be impressed by the Bremont range. However, it’s the quality of materials and the plane-dashboard style which also makes it appropriate for just anyone who wants a watch that offers a sophisticated and high-quality face.

In other words, this is a watch that is going to suit the man who is looking to turn heads. You don’t have to possess vast knowledge of watches to see the quality in these models on first glance.


Pricing and Where to Buy

As we have highlighted throughout this review, Bremont watches are not designed for people who are shopping on a budget. They are high-quality accessories that are designed to make an instant impression and this is also reflected in the price.

The cheapest watch in the catalogue retails for £2,550, but it’s possible to spend almost £31,000 if you opt for one of the gold, limited edition versions.

There are no fewer than fourteen different collections that form the Bremont range, with all available from

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Details and Specs
  • The watches are available in black, blue, cream, green, grey, silver or white dial colours.
  • Strap materials include alligator, leather, rubber steel and synthetic.
  • All movement in the watches is automatic.
  • The case sizes range from 37mm to 45mm.
  • It's possible to purchase the case in black PVD, steel, titanium, pink gold or rose gold.
  • Each watch arrives with a 3 year warranty.
  • The water resistant potential of each watch varies by model.