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Brass / Leather Harbor Master Telescope 30″ Inch


The Harbor Master Telescope 30″ is made from a combination of brass and leather and arrives with a custom wooden tripod with polished round legs. It also has glass optics and adjustable knobs to direct the telescope.



If you have ever researched telescopes in the past, we’re going to assume that you were put off by the price. On the whole, they are incredible expensive items.

However, the Harbor Master Telescope 30″ seems to fall outside of this category – whilst still retaining the charm that could even make it a standalone decorative item. Let’s take a look at the telescope to see if it really can compete with some of the ridiculously expensive options.


Harbor Master Telescope 30” pros

  • The Harbor Master Telescope 30″ is a classy telescope which has been made from a combination of wood, brass and leather. It can make a feature of any room – even if you have no intention of using it for its functional purpose.
  • If you are a telescope enthusiast – you won’t be disappointed though. The product is fully functional and is able to focus and magnify so you can see as far into the night as you wish. To be specific, the telescope has 15X magnification.
  • To add to the above, the Harbor Master Telescope 30″ also contains glass optics which will make your view all the more clearer. Forget plastic lenses, this product is premium.
  • The telescope sits on a solid wooden tripod, which also adds to the whole luxurious appearance of the contraption.
  • The company bringing this to market have experience in creating sophisticated gifts that simply emit the wow-factor. You won’t be disappointed – they’ve served countless customers perfectly in the years they have been in operation.


Harbor Master Telescope 30” cons

  1. As the low price may suggest, this isn’t going to be the best telescope on the market. It performs well – but you’ll have to spend thousands if you’re looking to become an advanced astronomer.
  2. Anyone who is based in California will have to pay sales tax on the product.


What makes the Harbor Master Telescope 30” unique?

As we have reiterated through the course of this review, the Harbor Master Telescope 30″ is something which almost puts a lot of the expensive telescopes to shame. The fact it is finished in high-quality wood, brass and leather means that it just looks dapper on the eye – while it still performs well with its 15X magnification being more than sufficient for the majority of users. Again, it’s rare that such properties are associated with a telescope that is priced so competitively.


Is the Harbor Master Telescope 30” suitable for you?

If you are an advanced astronomer, or someone who perhaps aspires to have a keen interest in the field, it would be fair to say that this is a product that isn’t going to be suitable for you.

Instead, the Harbor Master Telescope 30″ is designed for those of you who are perhaps starting out, or if you don’t even like the idea of astronomy but feel that a telescope could make an ideal feature of a room. Surprisingly, a lot of people have feelings such as the former – especially when this particular model is finished in premium materials which arguably make it appear more expensive than it really is.

The sturdy tripod, glass optics and 15X magnification will be more than sufficient for most amateur astronomers, and will provide you with a base to easily get to grips with using a telescope. Some more advanced models are quite tricky to use, but the Harbor Master Telescope 30″ tends to rely on simple knobs and an eyepiece rings to adjust the focus and other settings.


Price and where to buy

We have made plenty of commotion about the price of the Harbor Master Telescope 30″ and to be precise, it retails for $89.99 from This website also allows you to take advantage of free shipping.

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Details & Specs
  • The Harbor Master Telescope 30" is constructed out of brass, with a leather-wrapped body for protection. The tripod is constructed from high-quality wood.
  • The telescope benefits from glass optics, as opposed to a plastic lens.
  • The magnification potential of the Harbor Master Telescope 30" is 15X.
  • You can focus the telescope by simply turning the eyepiece ring.
  • The dimensions of this product are 14" x 3" x 30"., while the weight is 7 lbs. The height can be adjusted by a screw-release mechanism.