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Black Synthetic Leather Jacket by Gobuu


The Black Synthetic Leather Jacket looks as real as the material will allow and is designed for those guys who want to make that striking impression and turn heads.



Let’s be honest; the leather jacket will never die out of fashion. It’s something that always boasts style and substance but unfortunately, it also tends to have that hefty price tag.

This is why we were almost taken aback with the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket. Priced at one of the most competitive levels we’ve ever seen, this is one of the few leather-like jackets which ticks all of the boxes.

Let’s take a further look…


Black Synthetic Leather Jacket pros

  • The Black Synthetic Leather Jacket might be made from synthetic material, but on first glance you would never notice. The material looks completely real to the untrained eye and ultimately, you can make a huge impression without spending huge money.
  • Boasting two pockets on the waist and a zip pocket on the chest, the product has plenty of space to carry valuables. You don’t have to worry about your wallet and phone – there are more than enough safe places to keep them with this jacket.
  • Either zip the jacket up to the collar for the cold temperatures, or leave something of a V-neck for a different style. There are umpteen ways to wear this jacket.
  • The jacket has been designed to “hug” your body, meaning that you can really exaggerate your figure and show off “the right areas”.
  • are the company behind the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket and this is crucial. They have won countless fashion wars over the years and have garnered a superb reputation of bringing budget products to umpteen wardrobes.


Black Synthetic Leather Jacket cons

  1. The material of the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket looks real, but it goes without saying that experts in the field can always distinguish whether or not a garment does use real leather or not.
  2. The way in which the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket sits on the body means that it might not be appropriate for every guy’s figure out there.


Is the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket suitable for you?

We’ve already spoken a lot about body figure through this review and there’s no doubt that the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket is going to be mainly suitable for those men who have a physique that they are happy to show off.

The jacket clings to the body – meaning that curves are exaggerated and this might discount some men from trying it. On the other hand, for those of you who are proud of your body, the jacket will perfectly emphasize your arms and torso area to bring attention to all of the right places.

If you’ve been looking for a leather jacket but have struggled to justify the astronomical price tags, there’s no doubt that this could be suitable for you. Out of all of the synthetic ones we have seen, this looks the most real and will “trick” most people who first set eyes on it.


What is unique about the Black Synthetic Leather Jacket?

The price is the big factor with this jacket and as we’ll soon reveal, it borders on the unbelievable.

As well as this, we were surprised at just how “real” the jacket looked in comparison to other synthetic versions. Formed from polyurethane material, the designers have managed to manufacture a garment that doesn’t look “fake” in the slightest. It is rare you find such a product that looks so real, yet is ultimately very cheap to purchase.


Price and where to buy

We’ve made a lot of noise about the price of this garment and the fact it is available for $14.36 from says exactly why.

We don’t often like to use the word bargain, but you’d be hard-pushed to find clothing of a better value.

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Details & Specs
  • The Black Synthetic Leather Jacket is constructed from polyurethane material.
  • It is currently available in four sizes; M, L, XL and XXL.
  • The M size has an across shoulder of 43cm, bust of 98cm, length of 64cm and sleeve length of 61cm.
  • The L size has an across shoulder of 44cm, bust of 102cm, length of 66cm and sleeve length of 62cm.
  • The M size has an across shoulder of 45cm, bust of 106cm, length of 68cm and sleeve length of 63cm.
  • The M size has an across shoulder of 46cm, bust of 110cm, length of 70cm and sleeve length of 64cm.
  • The above sizes should be only taken as a guideline and due to the different production batches, small deviations of up to 3cm can occur.
  • The shipping weight is 1.02kg.