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Black Swan Performance Legging by ONNIT


Black Swan Performance Leggings are a satin black pair of leggings which are composed of 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex, making them one of the most flexible pieces of sporting apparel out there for women.



There’s nothing worse than working up such a sweat in the gym, that your clothing just doesn’t allow you the flexibility that your exercise requirements.

In extreme cases, it can prompt a workout to end prematurely – so it’s a big issue. Therefore, when we came across some leggings that swerved this problem whilst also looking very appealing on the eye at the same time, we thought they were worthy of a review. Here is a full review of the Black Swan Performance Leggings.


Black Swan Performance Leggings pros

  • Black Swan Performance Leggings are constructed from a high stretch fabric, meaning that the days of exercising with restricted movement are over. You can exercise for as long as you like – these leggings will permit absolutely any kind of movement. The result is longer workouts, a more flexible body and less frustration.
  • The manufacturers have relied on tried and tested materials to promote ultimate flexibility. Polyester and Spandex are combined superbly; providing you with a solution that is scientifically proven to stretch and allow you to reach your goals much more easily.
  • Sure, you’ll get more out of these leggings from a performance perspective, but let’s not negate the aesthetics here. Black Swan Performance Leggings use a unique but visually stunning pattern that will make you the talk of the gym for all the right reasons.
  • The money-back guarantee offered with this product is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen and if you don’t like what you receive, you can claim your money back within a very generous three month period.
  • On the subject of trust, you should also trust the brand who are bringing this product to market. Whether it’s supplements or clothing, Onnit are quite frankly, on it. They know what they’re talking about, you can rest assured they’ll provide a stunning fitness product.


Black Swan Performance Leggings cons

  1. The price of Black Swan Performance Leggings is higher than a lot of other sporting leggings, with this mainly due to the premium nature of the product.
  2. If you’re hoping to use the product as soon as it arrives through the post, you might be out of luck. You will need to wash the leggings before using them for the first time.


What is unique about Black Swan Performance Leggings?

The key to these leggings is the stretchy nature of the fabric. Sure, all leggings have an element of flexibility, but there comes a point where some movements are just impossible.

This might be because your body has maneuvered itself into such a tricky position, or because you have produced large amounts of sweat which hinder your movement in your current clothes even more.

The materials used within Black Swan Performance Leggings mean that these concerns are eradicated. The leggings are made from 82% Polyester and 18% of Spandex, providing you with a solution which allows for much more movement.

The materials also provide a large amount of support to your body, meaning that they are ideal for umpteen exercise activities including yoga, running or just regular gym work.


Are Black Swan Performance Leggings suitable for you?

If you fall into the category of dressing to impress whilst hitting the gym, few would disagree that the visual appeal of Black Swan Performance Leggings makes them a winner.

The design is stunning to say the least, with the satin black and renowned Onnit brand making them one of the most appealing sets of leggings on the market.

Of course, it’s not all about looks. As we’ve already mentioned, there is a lot of emphasis on the materials with this product.

Therefore, if you do take your exercise frequently and do feel restricted at times, these are garments which might allow you to break barriers and reach new heights in the gym. In other words, they’re suitable for those of you who wish to go a step further.


Price and where to buy

The fact that Black Swan Performance Leggings have been constructed with such premium materials is most definitely represented in the price. At $85, they are one of the more expensive leggings we have found, but will probably reap much better rewards than most other sports clothing out there.

This is the price that you would pay if you shop at the official site for the product, at right here.

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Details & Specs
  • Black Swan Performance Leggings are available in a black satin pattern, with the Onnit logo neatly embellished in red print.
  • The clothing is constructed from 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex.
  • There are currently four sizes which are available to purchase. X-Small is the equivalent of size 0-2 and covers a 25-26" waist and a 35-35" hip. Small is a size 4-6, 27-28" waist and 36-37" hip. Medium is a size 6-8, 29-30" waist and 38-39" hip. Large is a size 8-10, 30-32 waist and 40-41 hip.
  • If you have just purchased the leggings, you are advised to wash them before wearing them for the first time.
  • If you opt for a refund, you have three months to make your decision. You do not have to return the item unless you have purchased it in the past.