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Anadrolone / Anadrol


Anadrol is a natural supplement which is based on the banned steroid of Oxymethalone. It carries the same benefits of increasing muscle gains, but without any side effects whatsoever.



Steroids used to be the big thing in the bodybuilding industry; everyone used to use them. However, as soon as people started realizing the terrifying side effects, their popularity dwindled.

Now, there might be a savior in the form of a legal steroid, with natural supplement Anadrol mimicking the effects of the once-popular Oxymethalone. Here, we investigate whether this natural product is as effective as the “real thing”.


Anadrolone / Anadrol Pros

  • Anadrol is based on the effects of Oxymethalone; a steroid that was associated with insane bulking and strength gains.
  • To be more specific, the product will increase your lean muscle mass and provide extra energy for those extra-long workouts. You’ll be able to get so much more out of each session.
  • One of the drawbacks of Oxymethalone was its terrible side effects to the body. Even though Anadrol is able to mimic the positive effects of that steroid, its natural composition means that adverse effects are a thing of the past. It won’t harm your body in the slightest – that’s a guarantee.
  • It might be based on a “milder” concoction, but Anadrol still works incredibly fast. In fact, some people have experienced results after using the product for just two weeks!
  • Unlike Oxymethalone, there are no needles here. Anadrol arrives in a capsule, meaning that it takes seconds to consume and your day-to-day life will never be affected.
  • Crazy Mass are one of the biggest brands in the supplements business. They are classed as the #1 source for legal steroids, simply because they make products that are trusted and have been proven to work.


Anadrolone / Anadrol Cons

  1. The manufacturers make no secret about the fact that Anadrol works most effectively when stacked with other products from the Crazy Mass range.
  2. You can only purchase Anadrol from the internet; it’s not available offline.


How Does It Work?

Even though Oxymethalone was eventually banned from being sold, nobody can disagree that it was a hugely successful product.

The only problem was the terrible side effects that impacted the body – although Anadrol has worked to resolve this issue by only including natural components.

In relation to how the product works, it is able to boost the amount of red blood cells that our body produces. In turn, this increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to muscles and therefore makes training much easier.

As well as the above, Anadrol is able to encourage greater nitrogen retention.

This has the knock-on effect of causing greater protein synthesis and as we all know – muscle is so much easier to build when there is more protein freely available in our body.


Will It Work For You?

The main thing that impressed us about Anadrol through this review was its huge reliance on science. The product aims to tackle muscle building from two angles.

Firstly, it will aim to make your training sessions much easier, so you are able to get even more out of them and work even harder.

Then, through the extra nitrogen retention, you’re able to build muscle at a much faster rate anyway. All of this is proven science, and this is all we ask for when reviewing a product.

There is additional evidence that it will work for you though. On the whole, the feedback from past users is immensely positive.

For example, one man increased his bench press ability by forty pounds after just two weeks of using the product, while another gained eight pounds of lean mass after just one month.

Such results are from real people and when we bear this, and the first paragraph in mind, we’re under the impression that Anadrol will work for anyone who tries it.


Anadrolone / Anadrol Price and Where to Buy it

Anadrol is currently priced at $54.99, which makes it very much comparable to rival products that are also on the market. It can currently be purchased from the manufacturer’s website, over at


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Details and Specs
  • Anadrol arrives in a white bottle, with a white and gold label detailing the product information.
  • Each bottle contains ninety capsules. The manufacturers recommend that one capsule is taken twice per day with meals. On workout days, capsules should be taken 30-45 minutes before each session.
  • The product should be used for at least two months so the progress can be assessed appropriately.
  • The product is not to be consumed by children. It is targeted at adult males.
  • The manufacturers recommend that the product is stacked with others from the Elite series for best results. These products include T-bal75, Decadrolone and Dianobal.
  • Anadrol will not intoxicate your liver or kidneys, unlike other products of a similar type.