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All-matching Platform Boots by OASAP


The All-matching Platform Boots are regarded as one of the most comfortable pairs of platform boots around, with their stacked heel, side zipper and padded insole combining to pair style with comfort.



Most women would firmly agree that standing tall comes at a cost.

Your feet get sore, there’s always a heel-related accident around the corner – it’s just not easy. Therefore, when we came across the All-matching Platform Boots we were pleasantly surprised.

These platform boots seemed to provide that additional height, but with no compromise on comfort. Here are our full thoughts on the boots.


All-matching Platform Boots pros

  • All-matching Platform Boots are stylish boots available in black. They benefit from a stacked heel and side zipper – providing you with that elegant appearance we all crave.
  • The side zipper will be of crucial importance to some of you. The removal of some boots can be a two-man job. With these, the zip makes everything so much easier.
  • You might look taller, but don’t worry about comfort. The manufacturer has gone all-out in relation to this factor, providing a padded insole to ensure that your feet feel no different whatsoever.
  • All-matching Platform Boots aren’t just footwear that “seem” decent either – they have some fantastic feedback. Many women can’t believe how comfortable they are, claiming that walking in them all day isn’t a problem and they even feel like sneakers.
  • If you’re not happy with the boots, or if they simply don’t fit, you’ll have 45 days to return or exchange them. In other words, there’s no risk to your pocket here.
  • The brand who are bringing the product to market have become hugely established over the last few years. OASAP have now been in business five years; they’ve survived the entry period and have now built a fantastic reputation in the fashion industry.


All-matching Platform Boots cons

  1. The standard shipping option is quite long and boots can take up to 15 days to be delivered.
  2. The boots are purchased online – there’s no try before you buy policy here (although you can take advantage of the returns policy).


What is unique about the All-matching Platform Boots?

There’s no doubt that buying boots is all about appearance; if you don’t like the look of a pair, you certainly aren’t going to part with your money.

While all opinions are bound to vary, we’d tend to argue that the All-matching Platform Boots do look great on the eye but that’s not the key factor for us.

Instead, it’s their comfort – which seems to be a hugely unusual factor when it comes to the boots industry. Despite their large heel, they are incredibly comfortable to walk in and this sets them apart to most boots. The fact that some women have compared walking in them to sneakers says all you need to know.


Are the All-matching Platform Boots suitable for you?

The previous section leads perfectly onto this one. If you are looking for a pair of boots which you are physically able to wear on a daily basis, the All-matching Platform Boots could be a very good choice.

They are designed for the woman who needs that extra height and style throughout the day – not just sporadically which is what a lot of boots of this ilk are suitable for.

One could argue that you could find boots which are much more stylish and visually appealing.

However, considering the practicality that the All-matching Platform Boots provide, they are perfect for anyone who is looking to get prolonged use out of them whilst still taking pride in their appearance at the same time.


Price and where to buy

The All-matching Platform Boots are currently priced at $76.99 on the OASAP website.

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Details & Specs
  • The All-matching platform boots arrive in black and include a side zipper, padded insole and stacked heal.
  • The boots should be washed as per the instructions which are featured on the attached care label.
  • The standard shipping period ranges between 7 and 15 days, although a 3-7 day express shipping option is available for an additional $15.95.
  • You have the option of returning or exchanging the bootswithin 45 days of purchase.